UC Berkeley

Fiat Lux

Welcome to Berkeley

About The University

UC Berkeley was established in 1868. The university is in an urban area. A school which mission statement says they "contribute even more than California's gold to the glory and happiness of advancing generations." UC Berkeley is also known as a college that has the third tallest tower in the world.

Uc Berkeley Requirements

1) The minimum GPA is 3.89

2) The SAT scores for math is 650-770, reading is 620-740, and writing is 640-760

3) The the minimum course require is math 3 years, English 4 years, history 2 years, science 2 years, foreign language is 2 years, and art is 1 year.

The Cost

1) Tuition is $13,878

2) Additional expenses and living expenses is $14,388.


1) Most students live in dorms

2) There are apartments close by.

3) A University village for the student and his/her family.

Financial Aid

1) More than 65% undergrads receive financial aid

2) There are different kinds of aid. Such as grants, scholarship, loans, and more


The University have minor and major degrees. Students may minors in courses like Arabic, City planning, just to mention some. Majors could be in chemical engineering, pre-med, and pre-law, and more.

Student Life

There's so much students could do at UC Berkeley. For people who enjoy playing sports there is recreational or competitive sports. The university also has clubs and organization for students who want to be involved as well.

Is This School For Me?

UC Berkeley is a school that provides everything a college student would like to have at their school. The campus is perfect and is friendly for college students. Also this school offers what I'm looking for. It have the two majors that I'm interested in which is pre-med or pre-law. My favorite sport as well, I want to play sports and the school has a good soccer program.