LV Technology

By: Chloe

Typing Web

  • * Every time you come in to Technology you start with a 5 min typing warm up
  • * You would have to finish the intermediate course at the end of the first quarter
  • * With typing it helps you through out the semester


  • * An iTrailer is a trailer that informs a crowd of people about you
  • * You create an iTrailer with an app called iMovie
  • * Pick a theme and put in pictures that lead up to the moment you want it about and you done

Haiku Deck

  • Haiku Deck is an presentation app
  • The slides were facts about you dream job
  • you were required to have 10 or more slides you the presentation

Explain Every Thing

  • The assignment was about a math problem you were supposed to figure out
  • You couldn't use your finger because it you couldn't see what you were writing because it was so sloppy
  • You were required to tape your selves solving the problem (just your voice)

Career Locker

  • This assignment is almost relate able to Haiku Deck
  • Career locker is a sit where you gathered the right information for the college you wanted to go to
  • Then you would write your information into the haiku Deck


  • You would have to put little movements into an equation to make the figure move
  • Were required amount of levels
  • There were different types of subjects of levels