2015 fashion marketing campaigns

Best of 2015

1. Adidas

At the beginning of 2015 nobody expected that Adidas would have the blowout year that they did. By mid June Adidas sales rate went up an amazing 11%! By the end of the year Adidas partnerships with many sports clubs and their very popular hash tag #allin really connected with social media users. Also their partnership with Rapper Kanye West got them the award for "Best sneaker of 2015". Throughout the year many collaborations with big named artist such as pusha T, Big sean and pharrell Williams gained Adidas the mass market.

2. Marc Jacobs

This year was pretty good for designer Marc Jacobs, well at least for the people in London it was. Social media is huge for advertising right now, They saw a chance and they took it. Marc Jacobs opened up some pop-up shops but the one in London got the most attention. Why? by changing tweets into currency ! all you need is an inspiring tweet using the hash tag #MJDaisyChain for free samples of the new fragrances or for a chance to win some of the most sought after bags.
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3. Puma

It's been a while since the puma brand was in the masses, but it seems that all of that changed in 2015. The brand signed two big named artist Rihanna and Meek mill. With the addition of the two Puma started gaining popularity again, one sneaker that is really sought after right now is the puma suede classics. By the end of the year it wouldn't be rare to see someone wearing a pair of pumas shoes, makes you wonder if the brand will make a comeback in 2016.
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4. Burberry

This year was great for Burberry, much like Marc Jacobs they used social media to their advantage. This year the were quick to rise to the #1 brand on social media. One exclusive big thing they did was allow customers to buy outfits straight off the catwalk, which was great for business.
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Michael kors

Michael kors who was named #1 social media brand in 2013, has now made a comeback to regain popularity on social media. Michael kors is known for not only having high end fashion but also their handbags. They held many campaigns involving the handbags which was extremely popular all around the globe.
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