Chinese culture


Chinese Culture Includes:

absolutely amazingly cool things...There so much you can do there you can listen to magical music, see the tuitional beautiful clothing , celebrations that will blow your mind and of course the food.

Chinese food/chopstickes

The Chines food is very good. They eat lots of rice,spring rolls,dumpling,noodles and lots of fish. They stuff there food with chicken,pork and shrimp. In china they cook a lot so they eat lots of stuff over and over again some meals are from along time ago, also the chopsticks


In china there are a lot of celebrations. Like the loin dance, dragon dance and lantern festival. During the lantern festival the sky tuns magnificent red . Everyone's out in the street. Its a wonderful time. The dragon dace is also so cool to see. There are people dancing in the dragon and a fact the longer the dragon the better luck you have. It also scares away eval spirits. The lion dance is pretty awesome too there are two people is the lion costume they have to be very fit. They dance around the street and scaring away eval spirits.
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Chinese music

The reason why Chinese music is so important is because it goes back hundreds and hundreds of years. The dizi is over 9,000 years old. Also the pipa has been played for over 2,000 years. The pipa is made out of ivory, wood ,bool horn and jade,there are for strings and they are either made out of nylon or steal.The dizi is made out of banboo


some facts about the kimono is that the word Kimono is a word for clothing , and the clothing is made from breathable fabric and and they are suitable for all weather. they came into very popular fashion a will back and still are.
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Thank you for listing to our slid/smore/play it was fun getting to have this experience and learning all this new stuff hope we get the chance again.