Jake Kelley's Awareness Flyer

HEI Impact on Land


Desertification is the rapid depletion of plant life and topsoil at desert boundaries and in semiarid regions, usually caused by drought. Desertification has such a big impact on both the animals and plants in an ecosystem because all the vegetation and water resources are wiped out because the deserts begin to increase in size and expand over regions.

HEI Impact on Water

Human Pollution

Human pollution is the introduction of harmful substances or products into the environment. When humans have trash or waste that they throw into bodies of water, they begin to make the water unsafe and unusable. When the water becomes unsafe and unusable, then we are forced to look for other sources of water to rely upon. Both of these impacts tie in together because when we pollute the water or land, then we aren't able to use these resources anymore and the plant life and(or) soil life will begin to die off which is the process of desertification.

Consequences/ Future Impact

With these human environmental impacts in place, the land and water that we rely upon will begin to disappear and we will not be able to use these resources anymore. The future outlook for the globe is that if we begin to lose these resources such as water and crops, then we will have trouble trying to survive and we may possibly begin to have disputes over these precious resources around the world.


1) What is desertification?

2) How can we prevent human pollution from even happening in the first place?