The Story Of U.S. Pathway 3

Vishal Veeravelli

Types of Migration

Most of this is immigration to U.S. and international migration, although this includes chain migration too. This includes immigration and emigration because the people from and Latin America and Asia emigrate from their countries and immigrate to the U.S. This is also international migration because people are migrating to a new country. Finally, this includes chain migration because many of the family members move to the U.S. because some relative already lives there so they also have a better chance to immigrate in too unless you are immigrating illegally like most of latin america. In the Rubenstein text, it explains that in the 1970's many asians first immigrated to the U.S. as a wave, then the huge wave of chain migration started because of the better chances of getting a visa to a country in what they believed as a country of economic opportunity. Also, 60% of latin americans that are immigrating illegally to the U.S. are Mexicans and most go to Arizona thinking that it's the easiest way to go through.

Attitude towards them

Most don't really mind Asians because of their skill but many don't like latin americans because they came here illegally while others work hard to come in legally. That is often why they get such low paying jobs and the latin americans usually accept them because that are often desperate.