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News Bulletin Summer Week 1

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Welcome back to all pupils both in and out of school. In these uncertain times we are thrilled with how much work you have all been doing at home and looking after everyone in your family, keeping safe and well. Pupils have done really well who have been into school, it is still very new and you have tried your hardest to socially distance in school. The guidance from the government is changing all the time and we are keeping updated with what we need to do to keep everyone safe in school. You have all been fantastic and it has been a great whole Team Milton effort to get us where we are now. Our main priority is keeping all pupils, staff and families safe in these unprecedented times and we support the decisions that families are making to keep their child at home. A reminder that does not affect attendance in school. Next week the Zoom well being class meetings will be taking place, so keep an eye on your emails for dates & times. Sending best wishes to you all


Welcome back from the House Leaders #TeamMilton
Re-Introduction to Milton School ... Take a look 👀

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Cook - 17,202

Drake - 16,230

Kingsley - 18,209

There is a new feature that allows you to send a photo or take a photo of homework or work that students have completed in to your teachers through Epraise. In the near future we will have training and a online zoom call for anyone that would like training or a online tutorial.

I just want to say how well everyone is doing on Epraise. You are all still committed to getting points and more and more pupils are getting milestones. Engaging through twitter for House activities and challenges through the week to earn those extra points! Keep up the good work everyone.

R. McCabe – Epraise coordinator

House Teams

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Hello Team Cook,

We really hope you had a fantastic little rest from all the fantastic work you've been doing. We'd love to know what you go up to in the holidays so let us know. Tweet us a picture to @TeamCookMS.

We're so excited to be seeing some of you in school this week as we steadily reopen. For those of you that are not returning just yet keep up the good work and always let us know what you've been doing.

This week's challenges are how many different words can you out 'House Team Cook'? For example 'coat'. Can you help to cook a meal at home? Send us your videos or photos into @TeamCookMS on twitter for house points.

We all miss you so much and can't wait to see you all again soon!

Miss Hale, Mr Brown and Mr Tomlinson

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Hello Team Drake!
We hope that you’ve all had a lovely half term break. Now that school has begun it’s phased return we hope to see some of you in school but if not we still have our Twitter page for you to keep in touch and let us know what you’re getting up to. We love to see your tweets and we are still giving out housepoints for good work and behaviour.
Things might seem a little strange at the moment but we’re all here to support you and keep you safe.
Take Care, Love Mr Carr & Mrs Roberts x

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Welcome back Kingsley Crusaders.

Hope you had a lovely spring break. We would love you to tweet any pictures of what you have been doing. We had some lovely weather days and also some wet days. But was still lovely to have a nice rest. So please tweet lots of pictures so we can reward you with lots of house points. This weeks challenge is to flood our twitter page with lots of work you have been doing. It can be pictures of things you have made, things you have done like making your lunch yourself or helping out in the home or garden. But we would like to see lots of your lovely work. Myself and Mr Earl love rewarding you with lots of Epraise Points. Lets have a fantastic week we are so very proud of you all. Keep up your amazing work!



Look what #TeamMilton have been up to

don't forget to share all your great home activities with us on twitter so we can get you in the bulletin! @school_milton

Year 5

Rowan has dug a hole on his walk today, he is going to add to it each week to see how it changes over time.

Rowan and Ander have also continued litter picking and helping the environment stay clean.

Keep up the good work.

Year 6

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Year 8E

Ibrahim and his family showing what an end of fast meal looks like during Ramadan.
showing what an end of fast meal looks like during Ramadan.

Year 9

Mr Bates and Mr Underwood have been out and about supporting two Y9 pupils. They have been taking photos of flora and fauna, man hole covers and everyone has really enjoyed it.

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Eco School

Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder

Keep the birds happy (and have fun spotting them!) by making this easy homemade bird feeder that you can hang in your garden or window.

You Will Need:

  • An empty water bottle and cap
  • A skewer
  • 2 coloured pencils (or chopsticks if you’re using a large bottle)
  • String
  • Scissors
  • A bag of birdseed.

    How to Make It:
  1. Remove the label and thoroughly wash the bottle; let it dry.
  2. Use the skewer to create holes a couple of centimeters above the base of the bottle – you’ll want to ask an adult for help.
  3. Carefully feed the coloured pencils through the holes to make perches, placing them one above the other in a crisscross position.
  4. Punch one more hole on each side above the perches as feeding holes.
  5. Use the string to hang the bottle – cut a length long enough to tie around the neck of the bottle with about 40 cm to spare, and knot it under the lid so that it can’t slip off. Loop the long end of the remaining string over the top and make a matching knot on the other side to form a handle.
  6. Fill the bottle with birdseed and hang it up.
  7. Wait for the birds to arrive!

For all the latest news on our Eco School campaign please visit our new Eco Schools Twitter page: @EcoschoolM

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Wellbeing Tip

You may find that being away from your usual routine has impacted your sleep. With that and the added anxieties of the current circumstances it is understandable that many of us are not getting the usual quality or quantity of sleep that we’re used to. Sleep is important for our physical and mental health, it can reduce stress, improve our immune system and it puts us in a good mood. Winding down is important part of easing ourselves in to better sleep. A warm bath, relaxing exercises such as light yoga stretches, calming music and reading a book are all suggested ways to prepare ourselves for bedtime. Try to avoid using phones or tablets at least 1 hour before bed as the light from these devices are thought to have a negative effect on sleep.


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Hello Miltoners,

We hope you're all doing well and that you're keeping busy in this strange time. There's so much going off right now, it can all get a bit overwhelming. Sometimes we don't always feel at our best. But there's nothing wrong with that. It's OK to not be OK! From time to time feeling down is part of life. It can come and go. What we don't want you to do is keep it all to yourself. Talk to someone about how you feel. It can be someone in your family, a friend, someone at school or it can be someone who works for special charities.

These can be found on

There's lots of people who we can talk to and they can listen. Just speaking about your what's bothering you can ease how you feel.

If you ever see someone you think might be not feeling OK, let someone know. You could even offer your help. They might not speak to you straight away but just being there for them and making them know you care can make such a huge difference to how they feel.

If we don't feel OK and we don't talk it can make us feel even worse. Which can be very upsetting and then we can upset others. All of the staff at Milton will help you and anyone you're concerned about. Don't bottle it all up, we're here for you.

This month is Pride Month which celebrates and promotes everything about equality, dignity and rights of LGBT people. This is usually a time of amazing parties and parades that signify the importance of social acceptance and friendships. In the past the LGBT community has been discriminated against, which was very wrongful. But now acceptance is much higher. If you ever need to talk about feelings the staff at Milton are always available.

We can't wait to see you all in school again, we miss you all.

Stay safe and look after yourselves and everyone else.

The BIGS Team

IT Tips and Hints

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Mr Earl's IT tips and hints

Did you know you can make google do lots of different things;

Here are some of my favorite.

If you type in google "do a barrel role" what do you think it would do?

If you search for anagram, google will give you a anagram of "anagram" "nag a ram".

Can you think of a anagram of "Milton School"

If you google "google in 1998" you will be able to use google how it looked in 1998, how things have changed!

There's loads of little easter eggs like this. Send me your favourite, house points for any i've never seen before!


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Food For Life

What's in this season?


The raw goodness of watercress

Watercress leaves may have all the softness of lambs' lettuce, but don't let it fool you.

While the stalks give watercress more bite, with a surprising snap and crunch, the peppery aftertaste makes this one of the strongest-tasting salad leaves around.

Watercress is related to the mustard plant and radish, and is at its seasonal best from April to October.

What does watercress offer?

Brimming with vitamins and minerals, and grown in pure spring water, watercress contains high amounts of iron, calcium, and vitamins A, C and E.

Pair watercress with distinctive-tasting fish, such as smoked mackerel, haddock or trout, use in sandwiches (instead of lettuce), add to salads, or make a summer soup that can be served hot or cold.

Recipe to try

"The Ultimate Watercress Rainbow Salad"

1. Slice 2 cooked beetroots and 1 medium yellow pepper into fine matchsticks and combine with 2 grated carrots in a large salad bowl, along with drained green lentils from a 400g tin.

2. Next, whisk together 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar, 2 tbsp olive oil and 1 tbsp honey. Pour into the vegetable and lentil mixture so that all the ingredients are coated in the dressing.

3. Gently toss 100g watercress through the salad, crumble over 75g feta cheese, followed by 2 tbsp fresh parsley. Arrange the slices of 1 medium avocado on top of the salad.

4. Finally, sprinkle the seeds of 1 pomegranate on top to finish the salad. Serve.

Recipe of the week!

Bannoffe Pie


  • 100g Butter, melted
  • 12 digestive biscuits, crushed
  • 3 bananas
  • 397g carnation caramel
  • 300ml whipping cream
  • 1 cadbury freddie
  • Crush your biscuits.
  • Melt butter, be careful this is hot!
  • Add butter to biscuits and mix. Then press into dish. Chill for 10 minutes.
  • Spread your caramel on top of your biscuits. Slice your bananas and place on top of caramel.
  • Whip your cream until fluffy, fluffy like clouds.
  • Then gently spoon on top of your mix. Then with your freddo get a small grater and be careful, grate on top of your cream.
  • Chill for 30 mins then serve.
Content Warning

Ways of communicating with school

We have been working on ways for communication to happen between staff and pupils and parents.

We have our Epraise system already setup and you should be getting homework and tasks to do through this. If you require any help in logging in to Epraise please email

We now have class email accounts that go straight to your teacher, this can be used to email questions or photos of work that you have been doing at home. We would love to see what you have been up to too.

The emails for each class are as follows;

Don't forget we have our school twitter account feel free to share any work you have been doing for everyone to see.

If you do have any safeguarding concerns please email