Orana Catholic Primary School

Week 7, Term 2, 2020



Generosity is giving and sharing. It is giving freely.

It is seeing a chance to give what you have and then giving just for the joy of giving.

Prayer for Today

Father, I offer you all my thoughts and all my words.

All that I do, all that I enjoy, and all that I suffer today.

I pray that I may serve you faithfully, and do your will in all things.

For the love of you, and the love of my brothers and sisters,

Through Christ our Lord.


From the Principal

Dear Parents and Carers,

Access during the day

If you need to collect your child/ren during the school day, parents and carers are asked to advise office staff of your expected time of arrival. On arrival, please pull into any of the bays outside of the admin area and remain in your vehicle. Your child will be collected from the classroom and will make their way to you when you pull into the parking bays. This procedure will remain in place until the end of term. Thank you for your cooperation.


All assemblies for the remainder of term 2 have been cancelled due to the maximum limit of 100 people in an indoor setting. Hopefully the current requirements will be relaxed in the coming weeks and we can look to assemblies returning in Term 3.


Reports will be available at the end of this term as usual. The format has been modified by CEWA and will cover what has been taught. Monday, July 20, will be a pupil free day and Parent/Teacher interviews will occur at this time. This will provide an opportunity for you to discuss your child's progress to date if you would like to do so. If you are worried about anything at this time, you can contact your child's teacher via email or phone to clarify any concerns you may have.

Arrival at school

A number of students have been arriving early this week, some from 8am. Please be aware that students should not be dropped off this early as supervision commences at 8.30 am. If your child is arriving earlier, you are encouraged to make use of our OSHC facilities.

Enjoy your weekend

Christine Walsh

From our Social Worker - Mrs Warburton

Worried your child is an attention seeker? Click the link and read more to find out the real truth.


P & F

📣Orana Family Business Shout Out📣

The Orana P&F would like to reach out and support business owning families within our school community. It’s a great way for us to show that Orana cares during this time of recovery.

If you own a business or service and you are part of the Orana community, we can help by featuring your business on our P&F facebook page and in the Orana weekly newsletter.

If you are interested in getting exposure for your business / service, please provide us with your details (name of your business, address / contact information, a brief 1 paragraph description of your business, special offers (if any) to the oranapandf@gmail.com e-mail, quoting “Orana Family Business Shout Out”

Thank you.

Orana P&F

The Week that Was!


From our Parish of Sts John & Paul

Dear Parishioners,

On Saturday 6 June 2020, Western Australia will commence Phase 3 of the roadmap. It means Saints John and Paul Church and Parish Centre are permitted to open with capacity limits of one hundred (100) people per single gathering each, or with up to 300 people in total in the entire venue excluding people required to conduct the service. There is to be two (2) square metres of floor space per person with each person practicing physical distancing by keeping 1.5 metres from other persons of other households.

Therefore, Fr Anthony and I would like to inform you that all our Weekend Masses are resuming.

In order to keep the number below 100 per Mass, please indicate the following:

1) Your name and contact number.
2) Which Mass you want to attend; 6.30pm, 7.30am, 9.00am or 10.30am
3) How many people.
4) Postcode

You can either email this information to me or call the Parish number and leave a message on 9332 5992.

Looking forward to celebrating the Eucharist with you and your family this weekend.

May God bless you all

Fr Thai Vu pp@willettoncatholicparish.org.au