Economy in the 2000's

By:Molly Wilkes and Aliceson Byrd

Economy During The 2000's

The economy in the 2000's was CRAZY! The economy was this way because there was so many different things going on you didn't know what to expect. Barack O'Bama was a huge factor in this situation because after he became president so many of the prices changed.

Change In Prices

Gasoline, doctor appointments, and phone prices have gone up in the past couple of years.Gas prices have gone up and done for a long time. Doctor appointments have gotton really expensive. The iphone for example are getting pricer and pricer as the new generation come out and become more and more popular. During the 2000's many different items have gotton cheeper and more expensive and they are still changing right now as we speak.

Housing/Construction Crisis

The housing/construction crisis lasted ____ years. The crisis effected construction workers and their families. The economy was effected by people not buying or needing houses in this time period. Workers had to fnd different jobs and it affected their families when they needed money and that effected the economy too. This was a tough for some people and families. this changed peoples lives and i know because Im speaking from past experience.
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