Hanuman Chalisa Yantra

Original Hanuman Chalisa Yantra

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Hanuman Chalisa Yantra is among the greatest poetic compositions written by Tusildas and we take it to the next level in that we write Hanuman Chalisa in yantra with

nanotechnology. This recitation holds a special place in the history of the Hindus as the divine statute of Lord Hanuman guarantees the path of overturning obstacles

and giving way to a peaceful mind. By reciting this yantra, it can help one appease the Pawan Putra Hanuman and seek His glorious blessings. Reciting of Hanuman also

helps to overcome the bad karma of the Saturn ring. Get more information about Hanuman Chalisa Yantra

The best day to devout one self and thoughts to best impress Hanuman and win over his heart is best considered on Tuesday. Recitation of Hanuman mantra at night has

lots of miraculous effect as each verse of this yantra really gives out positive miraculous response. The recitation of Hanuman Chalisa yantra is not only devoted to

Tuesdays; men who take their early on Tuesday and Saturday mornings can greatly benefit from the recitation.

Reciting Hanuman Chalisa is a beautiful way of bringing oneself good health as well as prosperity; this is because the Hanuman helps get rid of Sade Sati which brings

with itself a bad omen to your life. Reciting Hanuman comes with lots of benefits. This hymn helps get rid of evil spirits, fearful and scary thoughts. This is

attributed to the caring and loving nurture of Lord Hanuman which helps to ward off evil thoughts and circumstances. This is especially good for children as this will

keep them confident throughout their life.

The chanting of this recitation helps to sooth one’s mind; with this it helps a person to feel relaxed. The powerful effect of Hanuman Chalisa Yantra will make people

forget about the tensions they might be experiencing during a given time of the day. Hanuman Chalisa helps people to concentrate and this will help students perform

better in their exams. People who may be anxious about their exam or health can greatly benefit by reciting Hanuman Chalisa.

Lord Hanuman guarantees success and safety and this is the reason why many vehicles carry the symbol of Lord Hanuman. Reciting this yantra before any journey or work

will ensure that everything works out well as planned. Lord Hanuman helps remove all the troubles and hurdles in one’s life and guarantees success in whatever task

being taken. Reading from the Chalisa yantra also helps a person to deal with the pain accrued from physical injuries and also faster recovery.

Mistakes are part of our everyday life; whether done intentionally or non- intentional, one can ask for forgiveness from Lord Hanuman by reciting the Chalisa. The

opening verses when recited on occasions very early in the morning will be of great help to ensuring that the sins committed does vanish. This helps leads to a healthy

and peaceful life.

For couples planning on getting married, happiness is the key to every successful marriage. If a woman is having problems regarding child birth; reciting Chalisa helps

solves the problem regarding having kids. Couples who are about to get married should recite Hanuman Chalisa yantra a hundred times on the day before marriage. This

will ensure a peaceful and happy marriage life as dictated by the divine nature of Lord Hanuman.
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