My Personal Creed

By: Cassie Brite

I fit in to the big picture by supporting others on my team, and being involved. My purpose is to be a good sport, a supporter, and a friend. I will use my gift to help people as much as i can, and show others to never give up. No matter how hard the project might be we can do it, and never give up.

I believe that you make life what you want it to be. If you are sitting around being sad, and not enjoying life then you are going to live a sad life. If you are happy, and take chances then life will be good for you. Its important to make life good so you are happy, if you don't at least try to be positive and happy in life the you are going to get no where. No one wants to hire a sad person who just hates the world. They will hire a happy person who is trying though.

Your beliefs affect how you see the world a lot, if you don't think theres a light at the end of the tunnel the you are going to think theres nothing in life. When you work hard your not only making yourself feel good, but you are making others around you feel good. Someone who does not try there best to work hard gets no where. You make a difference in this world by helping others, and making yourself happy. You come first, you can't help others to be happy unless you are happy with yourself and the world.