"Muhammad" Who Is He?

By: Mara Hirtle

"The Start of Islam!"

Islam started with Abraham. His wife Sarah was old and he did not believe that she could conceive. This caused him to get a wife named Hagar. Hagar however did have a child; this child was named Ishmael. Ishmael created the Arabs which led to Islam. The Arab people had come from Ishmael and most of them eventually joined Islam through Mohammad. Islam is the youngest religion out of Judaism and Christianity.

"Islam's Way & Future"

"Islams's Religion"

The people who are Islam worship in a Mosque. They study the book Qur'an or otherwise know as Koran. The leader at the moment is Imam. Though Islam may believe in the same God as the other two religions they call him "Allah". They also believed Jesus was real and perfect, but unlike the others he was not God to them. The prophet Mohammad's words were said to be holy. They believed in "The 5 Pillars of Islam". They were 1. the profession, 2. prayer, 3. fasting, 4. zakat, and 5. make the Hajj.

"Islams Future" (Prediction)

In the future I believe Islam is going to die out due to the war against it and the ways they practice the religion. It will not be as wanted in the modern world and will become smaller and die off.