Big Ben

Shelby Leeker


Big Ben is the most visible man made monument in London, UK. Even though it is a very high maintenance clock to keep up and running. It's got a long history on the making, troubles, and pride of Britain.

How old and How Tall

Big Ben was built 156 years ago. (Parliament.UK) Built in London in 1859 in place of what used to be the Old Palace of Westminster.( It's slightly tilted, you are okay.( Standing as tall as ever at 316' (

Who Built The Famous Clock Tower?

The construction was started by Edward John Dent. He was born August 19, 1790.( He was a watch and clock maker. ( He had won the Commission to build Big Ben. ( He had died March 8, 1853 (

What's It's Real Name?

The tower is not actually named Big Ben. It was originally named the Clock Tower. It is now named Elizabeth Tower after Queen Elizabeth II. ( It it is named Big Ben do to the bell on the inside. (


Although Big Ben has a long history it is loved by many around the world. The large clock tower stands beautifully in London, drawing the eyes of many.

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Big Ben

Tuesday, Dec. 22nd, 9pm

London, United Kingdom

London, England