Weekly Newsletter

Mrs. Darnell - 1st Grade

Happy Fall

Happy Fall to everyone! I am so looking forward to cooler weather.

If you have any items you would like to contribute to our Fall Festival baskets, please send them to school with your child on or before Wednesday, September 30.

Spelling City

Our spelling word lists are on www.spellingcity.com. We are currently on list 2.


Our spelling this week comes from Spelling List 2. Here are the words: a, an, at, tap, lot, nap, tan, zip, lap, and pit. The two dictation sentences are short. We are practicing capitals, spacing, and periods.

1. Nap on it.

2. Zip a top.


In math, we will begin our unit on number patterns to 120. This will include counting by ones, twos, fives, and tens to 120. Please discuss different ways you skip count at home and at work with your child.


We will be studying matter in science. This includes observing objects, measuring their temperature, and discussing how heating and cooling changes matter.

Important Dates

Oct. 3rd - Fall Festival 3-7 then a country band will play from 7-9 @ VAHS parking lot

Oct. 5th - No school fair day

Thank you,

Mrs. Darnell