By: Hunter Harvey


Earthquakes are when there is a crack in the Earth for about a minute and could break pieces of land off. Earthquakes can be dangerous because people can fall in the cracks and sadly die. Another reason is buildings could fall down and catch on fire. Here are ways to be safe in a earthquake: Get under a table and cover your head.

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Tornados are cold and hot wind are mixed together and makes a monster. Tornados might be the most dangerous disaster and it is dangerous because can totally destroy roads and grass. The best way to take cover is in your basement where there are no windows, but if you do not have a basement, go to a bathroom with no windows. Tornados can appear on flat land states.
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Volcanos are mountains with a rock under it called Magma. When the Magma gets hot it turns into a liquid called Lava. The way to take cover is to just to get far away from away from the Volcano. The volcano works like this: when the magma get hot it turns into lava and when the lava gets too hot, it goes BOOM!!!!!
Volcano 101


A tsunami is when water from the ocean creates big waves and sends the waves to shore. Tsunamis happen at states and country that border the ocean. There really is not a way to take cover so if you live in Florida or something, you might want to move. Tsunamis can be very tall, like maybe about two miles tall. Tsunamis can be formed by earthquakes sometimes.
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