zigzaging zebras

fun facts about zebras

About zebras

Zebras are members of the horse family. They also have strong legs. Thier hooves are hard and sturdy like horses. They also use thier hooves to kick thier enimys. Some zebras run in a zigzag to make it harder for predetors to catch them.

weight and size and stuff

-hieght to shoulders - 3.5 to 5 feet

-thier tail - 18 inches

-weight - 770 pounds

-sleep - 7 hours one day

-life span in wild - 25 years

-live - in a grassy aria or africa

zebras in the wild

Zebras live in large herds. They use thier eye sight and hearing to detect enimeys. Did you know that if they sense danger they make barking noises? They also can not run as fast as horses. Zebras have more rounded ears than horses. They can also turn their ears any direction. Zebras live in Africa.

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what is the most common zebra?

The most common zebra is the plains zebra. They have a V striped pattern on their back.

what they eat

Zebras eat grass, twigs, herbs, bark, leaves, and shrubs.