Speed Dating with Books!

Promoting independent reading in your school community

Session Outline

Get ready to let out your inner book nerd by discovering lessons and activities to captivate students and colleagues while promoting literature consumption. Reading, among other things, encourages the exploration of various perspectives, development of empathy, and, at least in this librarian, utter happiness. During “Speed Dating with Books!” participants will take charge of their reading through exposure to numerous genres and titles, an activity that is easily replicated in the library or classroom. We will conclude with tips to promote a happy, healthy, well-read community.

Speed Dating- experience at least 5 new books!

There are nine categories of books spread around the library. Your task is to discover 5 new books that you might be interested in reading!

Here is a link to the handout (feel free to make a copy to edit/use as you would like!): Speed Dating with Books

Some examples of how to promote reading!

Book Newsletter

Check out the most recent BookLove newsletter, shared with students, faculty, and staff.

Flipgrid: video book reviews!

Students recorded short book reviews of titles read during their Free Reading week.

Bookish: Faculty and Staff Reading Suggestions

Solicit requests from faculty and staff for recent great reads and a short blurb for a newsletter.

Contact me!

Have questions about the presentation, or a request for some materials used? Feel free to contact me with questions and reading suggestions!