Cold War- We Didn't Start The Fire

Bailey Born


The Cold War was an era of distrust between the USSR and the U.S. because they both had nuclear weapons, the U.S. was democratic and the USSR was communist. The over all goal was to be the number one power.

Events Directed to Cold War

1. Berlin- In 1961, the leader of the Soviet Union, Khrushchev, wanted to divide the Democratic Berlin and Communist Berlin. So he made the Berlin Wall. Once this was made the Soviets pretty much cut off the democratic side. This was called the Berlin Blockade. They stop sending them supplies and food, so the U.S. had to airlift supplies to the democratic side.

2. Moonshot- During 1962, the U.S. and Russia were in a "competition" with who could top the other one. First it was the one making the atomic bomb, then the other made one. Then it was the h-bomb, finally it was who every could get to the moon first. In 1969, NASA completed there amazing goal.

3. Cuban Missile Crisis- The Cuban Missile Crisis was when the Soviet Union sent missiles into Cuba. The United States when they found out they were already were scared because of the Red Scare so that added to it. The U.S. and the USSR were very standoff about it and were waiting for one another to make a move, this could have led to WWIII

4. Bay of Pigs- In 196, The U.S. sent in troops to spy on Cuba. Things did not go well for the United State.We ran out of ammunition very quickly. They sunk our boats and or paratroops landed in different areas or in swamps. Most of our men were captured and taken to prison

People in Cold War

1.Eisenhower- President Eisenhower was one of many presidents to try to stop the spread of Communism. He started to help end the Cold War through 1951-1961. He promised to make a more forceful foreign policy in the to stop the Soviets. Eisenhower did negotiate a way to end the Korean War. When he left office he warned the Americans the danger of everything to come.

2. Truman- President Truman came up with the Truman Doctrine which states that the U.S. would help out other countries trying to fight against communism. He also made the decision to shoot the atomic bomb at Japan.

3. McCarthy- President McCarthy comes up with the loyalty laws which make the government go around and question people to see if their communists. He also promoted the Red Scare.

4. Kennedy- When Kennedy became president he confronted Cuba, Vietnam, and other places about the Cold War tensions. Kennedy sent troops to spy on Cuba when the Soviet Union moved their missiles into Cuba. This was a fail on Kennedy because we were spotted and destroyed.