Tips for new parents

By: Joshua orta


At the beginning your babies head may look oversized but the reason behind that is that there head will be bigger than the rest of their body because that's what develops first


Your baby should receive their first shots right after birth or 2 weeks and after should receive them pretty regularly.
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Motor skills

Small motor skills (fine)-your babies abilities to use their finger, wrist,and ankles.

Large motor skills (gross)-your babies abilities to use their backs, legs, shoulders, and arms

If your babies development isn't where it is supposed to be to do certain things you shouldn't stress, babies develop at their own pace but there are ways to help liking having them play tracking games and have safe things for them to want to reach for.

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Newborn appearance

The babies don't come out with like what you think they would, the really will be covered in white stuff ( vernix casseosa )
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Bonding with your infant

the best way to bond with your baby is to spend as much time with them as possibly and play fun games that will help with their development.
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Pros and cons of breast feeding

Breast feeding

pros: natural immunities, bond between mother and child.

cons: time consuming,

Bottle feeding

pros: easy, anyone can feed.

cons: equipment, must keep sanitary.

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Food and nutrition

At birth- should be breast fed or fed or formula.

2-4 weeks-they can drink or eat something for vitamin c.

4 weeks- they should drink fluoridated water to help teeth.

4-6 weeks- cereals with iron and taste differences for b vitamins.

7 months- breads and pastas for b vitamins and carbohydrates.

Later - strained and chopped adult food for all nutrients.

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SIDS prevention and crib safety

It's important that babies aren't layed on their stomach to go to sleep. They also shouldn't have any big pillows or blankets in their crib that could cause them to suffocate.

Crib safety- the mattress should fit in the crip tightly without 3 inches of space.

Any cords that the baby could grab should be placed out of reach.

The crib shouldn't have any sliding gates and shouldn't be placed near the window.

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