Mountains and Basins??

By:Mehak, Eliana, Drew. and Mitchell


Today we left Midland at around 2 o’clock in the afternoon and drove all the way to Fort Davis which took us around 3 hours and 20 minutes. On the way there we crossed the Pecos River. It is 926 miles long! It was named Pecos because of the Keresan name Pecos Pueblo. It was used a lot by the Spanish when they first discovered Texas. When we arrived there, we all went for a stroll to stretch out our legs.Then we found our tour guide and he showed us Fort Davis. He told us a lot of things like how in 1855-1856 it boasted over 400 enlisted men and officers and how during the Civil War federal troops were withdrawn. Also,he told us about how they tried an experiment in 1855 involving importations of camels from the Middle East. After that it was getting a little late so we decided to go to the McDonald Observatory. We saw a lot of stars and learned about the planets. Then we went to the Davis Mountains to camp we got there and went straight to pitching our tents and going to bed.


The second day we packed up all our stuff and decided to look around at the mountains It was about 50 degrees and got about 9 inches of rainfall last year which is normal there. We went to the Peak of the mountain called Baldy Peak. It was 8,378 feet tall! Then we went to go find our primary resource and we found a historical site there. Before it was called the Davis Mountains it was called the Limpia Mountains. Then we headed to Sierra Blanca Mountains to see the beautiful view and then go and camp.


Today we left the Sierra Blanca Mountains and then we went to the Finlay Mountains. It is 5,710 above sea level. 99% of it is in the U.S and only 1% of it is in Mexico. It is 1,122 square feet and it is mainly made of shale and limestone. We saw animals that you would see in the rest of the U.S like deer. There was not really much there. We decided to set up camp early. When we did that we found an arrowhead in the dirt. We thought it was pretty awesome but still other than that we were just waiting for the next day to begin.


Today we left the Finlay Mountains and drove to El Paso there we had lunch in the Little Bavarian Restaurant( it was an european restaurant ). The food there was delicious. At the end we went to the La Quinta Inn, where Mehak and Eliana shared a room with 2 beds and then Mitchell and Drew shared the other room that also had 2 beds. We left our stuff in the hotel and the we went to the amusement park. It was really fun. We rode a bunch of rides but the it started to get dark so we decided it was time to go back to the hotel.


Today is when we pack all our stuff and go back to Midland.In the morning we went downstairs to have breakfast. All of us got juice, waffles and muffins. Breakfast was delicious. And now we all packed our bags and headed to our car. We took the shorter route home. All of us were exhausted but had an awesome time. In the end we ended up driving 684 miles.