Ricchezza's Weekly News

February 24-28, 2014

Benchmark Due Date Friday

Work Due by Midnight this Friday

All work that appears this in your schedule between Tuesday 2-18 and Friday 2-28 is due this Friday (2-28) before midnight if you want full credit. Standard GaVS late penalties apply after that time.

I know we had some delays due to the ice and snow. The last two due dates were delayed... but we do NOT have the authority to extend the end of the semester, so we have to catch up. So it's back to the normal schedule for you!

News and Notes

  • Physical Science Students, try to be at least one section ahead in the content before taking quizzes or tests. You are allowed two tries for the Bonding Quiz, and only the highest counts.
  • Do not wait to the last minute to ask for help!
  • Calls home during last week were not accurate because the school did its calls (pre-programmed for Wednesdays) before the adjusted due date. We should be back to normal now.
  • All students can use calculators.
  • Physical Science students can use that calculator plus the periodic table and formula sheet provided in the course information area - AND NOTHING ELSE!
  • The login is now different as we are now using TheSIS as our interface. This should be a better system once we get used to it and iron out the wrinkles. If you could not get access during the last weekend, it is because of the switch being made.
  • The only remaining days off of GaVS school are the five days of Spring Break - April 7-11. Between now and May 6, you are expected to be online every weekday and check your school mail. If your school has spring break at a different time than GaVS, understand that they have nothing to do with each other. Our break doesn't excuse you from going to school, and their break doesn't excuse you from our work. If you depend on school for computer access, you have between now and April 4 to get a week ahead of schedule! We will help you if we can, but it is YOUR responsibility to make arrangements for your computer access and schedule.