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Carthage ISD Technology Department October 1, 2014

Digital Citizenship

Our world today requires students to learn how to become responsible digital citizens in order to stay safe. October 19-26 is officially Digital Citizenship Week. Our district has implemented training through Common Sense Media using their E-rate Toolkit. In order for CISD to qualify for federal E-rate funds, all students must be trained on Digital Citizenship. Through these resources, students should be educated in the three CIPA, Child Internet Protection Act, topics: 1. appropriate online behavior, 2. safety and privacy, and 3. cyber bullying. The toolkit contains lessons organized by grade, complete with student handouts, videos, assessments, and parent tips. The implementation option for CISD is to teach the following: 1. grades K-5--one 45-minute lesson per grade per year, 2. grades 6-8--two 45-minute lessons per year, and 3. grades 9-12--one 45-minute lesson per year. Once the training is complete, the teacher should fill out the Teacher Verification Document and submit it to the principal. The principal then fills out the Administrator Verification Document and submits it to the Technology Director to keep on file in case of an E-rate audit. With this training our students can learn to be safe online and to be responsible digital citizens.

Region VII offers technology training

Mark your calendars for a free event on Oct. 22 at Region VII in coordinated with TCEA called Get FIIT, Fall Innovative Teaching and Technology Conference. The Keynote will be presented by Carl Hooker, the Instructional Technology Director from Eanes ISD. Then guests will be able to attend to several break-out sessions. Click here to register and see the schedule of events. Get motivated and energized with new and exciting technology for your classroom.

Take a Byte is a service provided by the newly reorganized Digital Learning department at Region VII. Click on the link to see short videos, 10 minutes or less, about different apps, websites, and tools. Once you click on the site, you can sign-up for the listserve with your email address and be notified when they add new tools. This is a great resource for learning new technology for your classroom.

Because our district is a part of the Digital Learning service, Region VII will come to our district for technology training. Feel free to let me know if there is a particular area you are interested in and I can assist with setting this up. Donna Stanley and her group are very knowledgeable and eager to help. They also have a list of great workshops offered in Kilgore. Check out the list here. Be sure to visit with your principal first.

Are you a TCEA member? Innovate Teaching and Learning

Members have access to Lunch and Learn webinars throughout the year. Become a member for only $40. If you need an application, email today.

Technology Staff

Annette Johnson, Technology Director

Martin Martinez, Technology Specialist

Mark Baisden, Technology Specialist

Richard Sullivan, Network Administrator

Terry Caudle, Systems Administrator

Debby Simpson, Administrative Assistant

Message from the Director

Digital Citizenship is so important that we should try to talk with our students about it all year. There are stories in the news constantly about how technology is used in negative ways. Students should be taught at an early age that it is not ok to share name, age, location, phone number or home address with anyone online. There are fun activities that you can share with your students to help conceal their identity. Clay Yourself is a fun site where younger students can create themselves as a clay character and then use that instead of a real picture of themselves for profiles, etc.

Students should also be taught about cyber bullying and how to prevent it or what to do to report it to school officials. Students today take photos or shoot video constantly on their phones. They need to be aware of what is appropriate or what could be posted today could affect them in the future. Social networking sites or apps can hurt children's feelings and students need to be taught that this too is considered a form of bullying. They should learn to be kind and respectful when talking to others online. The Common Sense website has videos built into their curriculum that can help teach this concept to the age appropriate audience.

Spend a little time talking to your students about digital citizenship throughout the year. If they are old enough to carry a phone, or use a laptop or tablet, they are old enough to learn about responsible use of the device online.