Does Boredem Lead To Trouble

"idle hands are the devils playground"

Religious or not no one wants to be bored. But everyone eventually gets bored. How will you deal with that boredom?

Everyone experiences boredom

  • Can lead ton Mischief
  • Can lead to being around bad company

Drugs are Bad

Drug use can lead to:

  • addiction
  • jail time
  • or DEATH

Boredom may not be the cause

  • everyone is different
  • each case needs to be treated as so
  • boredom is the leading cause for drug abuse

Boredom can have a lot of negative effects on your life, But you can stop it

To battle this you can:

  • Find a hobby
  • Make friends
  • There is a lot for people to do you just need to find it
Anti-boredom campaign