It's a Girls' Night Out!

An Origami Owl Jewelry Bar with Liz Green!

Come join the fun!

Friday, April 11th, 6:30-9pm

1312 E Cottonwood Lane, Phoenix, AZ 85048

YES! This Friday! Come join us!

Do you have a special woman in your life you would like to honor? Or maybe you'd like a little keepsake of an accomplishment that *you* have reached. Whoever the person, whatever their story, we can help you get it into a memorable locket that will be cherished forever. Read on to learn more about the great event that's in store!!
You're INVITED to an O2 Jewelry Bar

We carry most of the product so you will be able to take your treasures home with you!

Meet Beth & Sierra Blemaster, Independent Designers with Origami Owl

We are a mother daughter team since March of 2012 with this incredible company that was started right here in the valley by a 14 year old girl with dreams of buying a jeep! Two years later, we are a $250 million company with thousands and thousands of people sharing their love with our customizable lockets made JUST for them!

We look forward to sharing the love with you!

Beth & Sierra