CJHS "Chargers Connection"

August 5, 2022

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From the Principal...

We are super excited to be one week away from welcoming staff and students to the 2022-2023 school year! Mrs. Fitzgerald and I look forward to begin meeting students and families during our Chargers Welcome Sneak Peek days next week!

Below you will find reminders regarding our school day and from the student handbook. If you need anything or have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out!

~Ms. Nicasio, Principal


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Interested in decorating your locker?

Students are invited to decorate the inside of their locker following the below guidance:

  • All pictures must be school appropriate.
  • Reminder that no tape or hot glue is allowed.
  • Magnets only to adhere anything to the inside of your locker.

School Supply Lists

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PE Clothes & Locks

Reminder that PE Clothes and locks will be available for purchase during their PE classes. Your child will need two combination locks for this school year, one for their hallway locker and one for their PE lockers. While you can purchase locks on your own, we highly recommend that you purchase locks through CJHS as doing so allows us to provide support should your child forget their combination.

PE shirt and shorts are $10 each ($20 for the set). Locks are $14 for the pair. Payment is accepted in the form of cash or check.

Before school supervision program...

Families who need to drop off their student(s) before 8:20 a.m. are invited to join the before school supervision program.

Please click here for more information and to sign up!

Schedule Information

How are schedules created for students?
  • Student schedules are built during the summer based on individual student needs along with course selections made by students at the end of last school year. Every attempt is made to honor requests, but not all requests are possible.
  • Please note that all schedules are subject to change.

How are students placed in math?

What is advisory?

When will schedules be available to students and families?

  • Schedules will be available electronically through Infinite Campus on Friday, August 5th at 4 p.m.

Welcome Back to School Team Letters & Open House Dates

Please click here to see your child's team as well as our exploratory and support staff welcome letters! You will also find team's Open House dates for the 2022-2023 school year!
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Bus Expectations

While students are on the bus, they are under the supervision of the bus driver. Parents are encouraged to discuss bus safety and appropriate behavior with their children before the beginning of the school year and regularly during the year.

  • Bus behavior has the same expectations as the school/classroom.
  • Students should be waiting at their bus stop on time.
  • Enter and exit the bus only when the bus is fully stopped.
  • Choose a seat and sit in it immediately upon entering the bus. Do not stand in the entrance or in the aisle.
  • Do not move from one seat to another while on the bus.
  • While on the bus and while the bus is in motion, students must stay in their seats with arms and legs out of the aisle.
  • Please keep voice level low to minimize distractions to the bus driver.
  • Reminder the cell phone use should be appropriate. There should be no taking pictures, movies, or recordings while on the bus.

Reminder that bus riding is a privilege that may be revoked. Frequent or severe reports may result in an immediate bus suspension and referral to the Board of Education for possible suspension from the bus for the remainder of the school year.

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School Dress Code

Students are to use discretion in their dress and are not permitted to wear apparel that causes a substantial disruption in the school environment.

  • Student dress (including accessories) may not advertise, promote, or picture alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia, violent behavior, or other inappropriate images.
  • Coat and sunglasses may not be worn in the building during the school day.
  • No head coverings are allowed that obscure the view of the student's face.
  • Clothing that fails to adequately cover the body will not be permitted.
  • Appropriate foot wear must be worn at all times. Slippers and shoes with wheels are prohibited.

If students have any questions regarding acceptability of a particular item of clothing, please see the Associate Principal, Mrs. Fitzgerald, before wearing the items to school.

Please note that a student whose dress causes a substantial disruption to the school environment will be asked to correct the violation before returning to class. Refusal to do so will be subject to discipline. Consequences may be assigned for flagrant first offenses or any subsequent offenses.


Please note students will be utilizing their lockers this school year before school, during passing periods, and after school.

This means backpacks will be kept in lockers during the school day

Cell Phones

Silent and Away During the School Day!

This will be the common message that all students will be hearing this year. Cell phones are to be on silent and not visible. Students will not be permitted to have them at lunch or passing periods. Please reiterate this message to your students.

If you need to give a message to your child, please contact the school office and we will gladly deliver it.

School day

Reminder that the school day begins promptly at 8:45 a.m. Students may come into the building at 8:20 a.m. and wait in their assigned space (cafeteria/gym) until the bell rings at 8:35 a.m. Please note that there is no staff supervision before this time unless your student is involved in before school clubs or sports practice. No students will be allowed in the hallways prior to 8:35 a.m. without a pass.

Reminder that there is a before school program which information is listed in this newsletter. Please click here for more information and to sign up.

Once the bell rings, all students must report to their first period class by 8:45 a.m. or they will be marked tardy. If students are not in their first period class at 8:45 a.m., they must check in at the main office before reporting to any class.

The school day ends at 3:45 p.m. At the end of the school day, students are expected to go to their lockers immediately and promptly leave the school premises unless they have a scheduled activity or meeting with a teacher.

Reminder that students must attend regular school attendance all day on the day of an activity to be eligible to participate in or attend any after school co-curricular activity.

Procedure for leaving school early

We encourage families to make medial visits after school hours but understand this may not be possible all the time. Parent/guardian must contact the Attendance Line at (309) 557-4454 and leave information on our automated system. This should be made as much as possible in advance. All students checking out early must be picked up in the office and signed out by a parent/guardian.

When possible, students are encouraged to come back to school after medical visits to avoid missing learning.

Reporting absences

Each day that a student is absent, their parent or guardian must call the attendance line at 309-557-4454 before 8:45 a.m. to explain the reason for the absence.

For all absences, a student will be permitted to make up any missed work, including homework and tests. The student is responsible for obtaining assignments from his/her teachers.

Student medication

Students should not take medication during school hours or during school related activities unless it is necessary for a student's health and well-being. When a student's licensed health care provider and parent/guardian believe it is necessary for the student to take medication during school ours or school-related activities, the parent/guardian and healthcare provider must complete a School Medication Authorization Form requesting that the school dispense the medication to the child.

No student shall possess or consume any prescription or non-prescription on school grounds or at a school related function without implementation of this procedure.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our school nurse, Ms. Andrea Powell, at (309)


From the Athletic Director...

It's that time...extracurricular activities are starting at Chiddix! Families, please remember that your student must be registered on the 8 to 18 website to participate in extracurriculars.

We have started our Fall season! If you are interested in supporting our Chiddix teams, please check out their schedules on the 8 to 18 website.

This year, Chiddix clubs will be represented on 8 to 18; more information will be coming soon.

Things to note regarding Athletics:

  • Every sport has an activity fee which is $90.00.
  • Sports physicals are required; they are valid 395 days from the exam date. Please submit physicals to the main office before participating in a sport.
  • 6th grade physicals (required for all incoming students) count towards a sports physical.

~Mrs. Fitzgerald, Associate Principal/Athletic Director


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From our Family Coordinator...

Welcome Back Chiddix Families! We are all so excited for a great school year. School success comes from strong partnerships between school staff, students, community and caring and engaged adults at home!! Big THANK YOU to you caring adults who do so much to support your students!! You are appreciated and valued!! We hope your students are ready to start because as Lizzo says, "It's about that time"! :)

Here are some pro tips from your family coordinator for the start of the school year:

  • The USDA will no longer be providing free meals to all students. However, free and reduced meals are still available to families that qualify and apply. The application can be found here https://www.unit5.org/Page/13196
  • Unit 5 is again partnering with District 87 and The Back to School Alliance to provide backpacks full of school supplies to eligible students entering PreK-8th grade. In order to receive this you must first complete all registration requirements and fill out the free and reduced application. The backpack event will take place on Thursday, August 11 from noon-6pm at State Farm Corporate South. This will be a drive through event. Bus transportation will be available throughout the community. Invitations will be mailed the first week in August to those who have already completed registration.
  • Follow Mclean County U5 on Facebook for all the most up to date district wide events and information!
  • Email Kelly Winter at winterk@unit5.org with any questions or you need resources!

Chiddix PTO...

Hey Charger Families!

The Chiddix PTO Board was primarily made up of 8th grade parents whose children have moved on to high school. As such, we will be seeking individuals to fill these positions (President, Secretary, and 2 people for Hospitality). If you have any interest in serving on the Chiddix PTO Board, please contact the CJHS PTO previous president, Ryan Clouse, or the current treasurer, JoAnn Cavanaugh, at chiddixpto@gmail.com.

Please spread the word! If you know families who have 5th graders who will be starting at Chiddix, please share our information with them.

Looking to volunteer at our school?

It truly takes a community to support a school and your help is much appreciated! Throughout the school year, we will need help with various school activities and celebrations. Please consider volunteering at our school!

Please fill out this survey to sign-up to volunteer at our school. Thank you!!

Stay Connected...

Please follow our CJHS Twitter and our NEW special "CJHS - Principal's Corner" Facebook page to showcase all the wonderful teaching and learning happening in our school!

You can also visit our school website for additional information. Please be patient as changes are being made to the website to ensure the most updated information is provided.


All visitors, including parents and siblings, are required to enter through the front door of the building and proceed immediately to the main office. Visitors should identify themselves and inform office personnel of their reason for being at school.

All visitors to school property are required to the Building Principal's office and receive permission to remain on school property. All visitors' log, identifying their name, the date and time of arrival, and the classroom or location they are visiting, show identification, and wear a visitor's badge.

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Chiddix Junior High School

Mariana Nicasio, Principal

Kelly Fitzgerald, Associate Principal

Phone Numbers:

  • General Information: (309) 557-4405
  • Guidance Office: (309) 557-4850
  • Attendance Line: (309) 557-4454
  • School Nurse: (309) 557-4687
  • Transportation: (309) 557-4287