District Updates

August 31, 2020

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For more information, please visit our website by clicking the link below. There you will find District, High School, Elementary, and Community Education updates.
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Please see the attached letter from Mr. Voce regarding our current phase status.


I hope you are all having a safe & healthy summer. I look forward to seeing everyone in a few short weeks!! We have some changes this year - please read the following:

This year, we will be following the guidelines from the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH). They have created a decision tree that is required for schools to follow. Here is the link for it (or see below) MDH Decision Tree. Please note siblings and household members will be sent home too.

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We are requesting parents to take their student's temperature every evening and morning. If your child has a fever, PLEASE keep them at home. We will not be doing mass temperature screenings at the school. We are also requesting parents to self-screen their child every day prior to leaving for school. If you are able to check any of the boxes, PLEASE keep them at home.

All students and staff are required to wear masks in the buildings. Here are a couple of great links from the MN Children's Hospital which may be helpful:

How to make face masks more comfortable for kids

Breathing tips and mindfulness while wearing a mask

Another great tip - have your child practice wearing it at home while watching their favorite show or while riding in the car!

A provider's note will be required for medical exemptions for not wearing a mask at school OR the Family Flex plan is an option.

We will NOT be doing nebulizer treatments in the health office this year. Please reach out to the health office if you have any questions.

Immunizations are required, and we will be upholding exclusions on 9/8/2020 if your student is not up-to-date or we have not received a notarized exemption form.

If you have any health-specific questions, please feel free to reach out to me at agrahn@moraschools.org or you can leave a message at 320-679-6232.