How to Survive A raid of Zombies

(not real)

Stepz To Survive

1.Have Good Resources to Live

2. Work in a Group

3. Have a Plan And a Back up plan

4. Have enough Ammo for Weapons

5. Run away if somebody got attacked by a zombie

6. Don't show any light to Zombies

Step Description

Follow these steps answer you MIGHT survive.

Types of Zombies

Guarantee You will Survive With this Guide

Survive or not

Great Plains is the best place to survive because its flat land.Great plains are known for dry grass land.increase in elevation westward. 3 Because You Can Just Drive A car

Rocky Mountains would be a bad place for survival of the living. They are younger and taller.its very hard to climb it's rugged and has high elevation good thing is has the continental Divide.2 Because It Has Higher Elevation

Appalachian highlands is a old eroded mountain.Its the oldest mountain in North America

Good luck surviving. 2 Because I Is High Elevation

Don't be like Patrick