Ethnic Conflict of Spain

Basque against the Spanish and French

History Behind the Conflict

It started when the group of social and political Basque organization, the ETA or Euskadi ta Askatasuna, wanted independence from Spain and France. In 1939, the Spanish government made all things basque, banned. With that, the basque people formed the ETA which was the group that kept making peaceful protests until 1968 which was when they launched a violent attack. The ETA also went against the French government.

Conflict Takes Violence

This conflict takes the form of open violence starting in the year 1968.

There have been ~400 people killed on both sides, with ~8,000 people wounded on both sides and ~3,000 people captured from the Basque side.

The Basque conflict was regional because The Basque, Spain, and France were all involved, in the civil dispute, leading to more tension in the southwestern Europe area. There has been a conflict from 1959 all the way to 2011. So, this has gone about for 52 years.


This conflict has been resolved but there is still tension between the three groups of people.

By: Ronald Bear, Alejandro Ross and Matthew Bagan