News From Mrs. C

Our class news for the week of Jan. 21-25th

Tidbits From the Teacher

Hi Everyone,

I love looking across our room and seeing pairs working quietly on some very important task. Everyone is growing up and while it makes me smile, it makes my heart a little sad because I know they are all getting older and closer to third grade.

Our weeks are getting busier but I'm trying to show the class a good balance. It's important to work on independence but also balance that intensive work time with some downtime for quiet reading or Fun Friday time. Don't forget to work on balancing home schedules too!

If you are participating in the Six Flags Reading Reward program, you can turn in the forms as soon as they are completed. Some students can easily read 360 minutes over a weekend so go at your own pace.

In other news, please dress your child in layers. We go outside if the temperature and wind chill are 40 degrees or higher. Some days the kids get hot by the afternoon so layer them up like onions! We'll peel off layers as needed.

Flu and Vomit Virus are in the halls! These horrible allies are always trying to get in our room. Remind your child to wash his/her hands and watch for signs of sickness!!!

Things to Return:

-Homework on Tuesday (no school Monday)

-Report card envelope (signed but empty)

Dates to Remember

Jan. 18th: Last day to order yearbooks (there will be no extras in May)

Jan. 24th: Dinosaur George @ 10 am in the cafeteria

Jan. 25th: Movie Night @ Sommer 6:30-9:00 in cafeteria & last day to join Spring Singing Stars Choir

Jan. 28th: Awards Day from 1:15-2:00 (invites were sent with report cards, more info on school website)

Feb. 9th: Barnes & Noble Book Fair @ La Frontera 11:00-3:00

Feb. 14th: Valentine's Party from 1:30-2:30 in our room

Feb. 22nd: Six Flags Reading Logs due today or sooner

What We'll Be Learning...

Math- The class is doing a great job of recognizing how fractions are made from equal parts. I love that they are starting to add fractions and they've noticed that when you make a whole into more equal parts then each part becomes a smaller piece! These are big ideas that will really help them when they begin to add or compare fractions using number symbols!! We'll continue to explore fractions for two more weeks. Our focus will be on how we use fractions daily in our lives (outside of the kitchen) and practicing our vocabulary on math problems.

Social Studies- We will be learning about chronology and how ordering events can occur by looking at evidence such as time periods, pictures, and items. We'll be studying the past and looking at the present to help make decisions about the future! What's really neat about this unit is that it coincides with the 100th year celebration for RRISD. You can check out old pictures and read stories by going to the RRISD website!

Writing- Each child will be creating a non-fiction "All About" book using the facts he/she collected about a country chosen from the many that were studied. We've used articles and laptops to research and the class is excited to tell everyone about the interesting facts that were learned.

Reading- We will be reading non-fiction books and practicing writing down the important new information we've learned in our own words. We'll also be thinking about questions the information makes us have and figuring out how to organize all of it in a useful way.

Our semester reading project "Read Like a Third Grader" will start on Friday. We'll begin working on reading a variety of passages and answering multiple choice questions using skills that third grade has requested we introduce. All passages will be second grade appropriate and we'll only work on these skills each Friday.

Spelling/Handwriting- We are slowly but surely getting through the handwriting book. Two-thirds of our Anti-Chicken Scratch smiley faces have been hole-punched so we are close to a celebration! For now, spelling will continue to be an "only at school" event.

Class Wish List

-We could really use batteries for our flashlights (size D).

-We are on our last giant canister of disinfectant wipes!! We need more for our daily wipe downs of desks during Germ Zapper time!

Let's Wear Our Class Shirts Every Friday!!