Nevaeh Perez

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

airfare cost and schedule

Today from denver im going to Rio De Janeiro Brazil i will leave at 11:27 an i will arive at 1:00 in the morning it takes 2hr 33min from denver to Rio De Janeiro Brazil.

2 Adults cost up to 2,126.00 an for taxes/fees it is 222.26 so.........

2,126.00+222.26= 2,384.26 the totla cost of the whole trip is



The hotel that i'm going to be at is Rio Othon Place the room i'm going to be staying in is Deluxe Room Ocean View....The max of the room is for 2 people to stay in. options are free cancellation for a BREAKFAST INCLUDED. The average payment to the night to stay is $240 for nightly price to stay...........offers are save 20% (on select nights).[0].numberO


The activities you can do at Rio De Janeiro are...............

Soccer, hang lid, see the bird, swim, surf, walk, run, bike, ect.............but you can do

many things at Rio De Janeiro but for most people they like to relax at the beach but the

most fun in Rio De Janeiro is carnival because you can dance , sing do what ever you want

in carnival it's so much fun to be at carnival is the most popular think at Rio De Janeiro but most poepl like to watch tv to see soccer or other stuff but lots of people like to hang out at the beach tto have fun get in the water or tan or relax to get away from things or when your stressed you can go to the beach to relax to calm down when mad.

Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

The problems that i would hard with is the language the first thing i would have to learn is at least a few phrase so just like hi, goodbye,pleas,thank you but there are way more things you have to learn when you speak a different languages to speak but secound listen and learn so what it means is to listen to the words of what they are saying and writing down what you think is important to you so when you speak a new language its always a good thing to get lessons before speaking the language and if you know the language all by heart then you are ready to speak brazil in Rio De Janeiro to speak to people in a happy or peaceful ,calm way when you talk to people when you go up for a vaction.

The other hardest problem that when you go to brazil Rio De Janeiro is the paying becasue when you want to buy things from Rio De Janeiro you have to have the money of Rio De Janeiro when you pay with the money that we go it may not work because the money that htey use is different from us so when we want to buy things we have to pay with there money or if there money is just like are money then nevermind HAVE FUN AND BUY WHATEVER YOU WANT but just dont use all your money on the things you want you need money for FOOD, CLOTHES, HOUSE, and other things that you need for help


Well when we all grow up we know that you can go to anyplaces that youm want when you grow up you can see new things from different places and from new coutrys from out the world like Brazil, and other places that i cant think of but you know you can explore any place when you are a teenage or a adult to go out and explore.

When you grow up you all know that you have to get a passport so when you want to go out of colorado you have to have a passport so you can go any were out the state to explore other place to be at and relax or clam or be happy but stay that you get married and you want to go out to brazil you need a passport so then you can out to explore