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April, 2018 ParaLibrarian Edition

Summer Reading Incentives

Summer is right around the corner and Library Services would love to partner with you to encourage students to read throughout the summer months in order to mitigate summer learning loss. “Studies show that access to books during the summer prevents a drastic loss in reading skills, especially for students in low income households” (Slates, Alexander, Entwisle & Olson, 2012). The research also shows that students need to read approximately 4-6 books to prevent reading loss, and at least 10-20 self-selected books to show gains (Allington & McGill-Franzen, 2008). We encourage library staff, teachers and building leaders to share the research with students so they can understand more about their own learning gains and losses and take action to maintain their learning momentum.

Check out our Summer Reading Smore with details and share widely (you know we love our Smores in ETLS!)

Spring Overdrive Contest!!

Let's get ready for Summer Reading by teaching students how to access Overdrive eBooks and showing them the depth of diverse collections, including audiobooks. Library Services is running a contest April 16th through May 4th to see which buildings can log in the most students and get them reading online! We will provide three bookfairs with free books for students, one at each level (elementary, middle and high) to the schools with the highest percentage of students logging in and reading. Winners will be announced on May 7th, and bookfairs will take place the week of May 21st.

See the Summer Reading Smore for the 2nd and 3rd reading contests with literacy incentives.

New Library System Update - Destiny

For future reference, we will refer to our new library system as Destiny (as that is its brand name, which is owned by Follett).

  • The deadline to check in all library books is Friday, June 1st. Set a deadline in May for all books to be returned. Notify your school community to return books on time.
  • No library fines or fees will be transferred to the Destiny system.
  • Overdue items from only the 2017-18 school year will be migrated (No lost, missing, or overdue items that were checked out before 8/1/17.)
  • Kudos! So many of you have signed up for the August training! If you have questions about the training sessions please contact the library helpdesk at or 720.423.1842.
  • Follett Destiny goes live on August 1st, 2018!
If you didn't get a chance to review it earlier, here is a link to the more complete system migration update.

Digital Resources of the Month: Ask DPL

Linked through our LION website is Denver Public Library's Ask DPL. This is a wonderful, free resource that provides your students with homework support through a librarian interactive chat service. Go to or

Makerspace Hub...kits coming soon!

We are highlighting three more of our new kits in this month's newsletter. Please contact us for more details. Our Makerspace website has great curriculum aligned ideas, as does our Makerspace course in Schoology (join with course code 4FSPF-Z43BD).

Blocks & Blueprints Learning Center

Little architects can’t wait to grab their blueprints and get building! Packed with 50 smooth wooden blocks, our center challenges children to re-create 20 different designs using blueprints to help guide their building. Each blueprint features a footprint of the structure that kids can build right on top of—plus illustrations that show the design from 3 different angles…so children get lots of practice with spatial reasoning, building 3-D structures, early STEM skills and more! With 10 double-sided, laminated 13" x 13" blueprints at 3 levels. Recommended for 3 yrs. - 8 yrs. / Preschool - 3rd Grade

Circuit Cubes

With Circuit Cubes, toys come to life. Circuit Cubes are electronic building blocks that add sound, motion, light, and sensors to young Makers’ creations. Designed by STEM teachers, Circuit Cubes provide an easy-to-use platform that helps kids develop confidence while experiencing the joy of discovery. Whether a design uses LEGO-style bricks, favorite vintage toys, or pool noodles — with three Circuit Cubes, you can create just about anything you can imagine! Three kits to choose from: Bright Lights, Smart Art, or Whacky Wheels. Recommended for Grades 3+

DropMix Music Gaming System

DropMix was recommended by the DPS music department coordinator, Amy Martinson, as a creative way to teach composition and arrangement to students.

DropMix lets you play music like never before! This fast-paced music mixing game gives you a new way to collect, discover and combine favorite tracks. Compete with your friends (up to 4 players) and create unexpected song mixes! Keep the music pumping with 3 ways to play: freestyle, clash, and party.

The DropMix Music Gaming System includes the DropMix board and 60 DropMix cards, and the free downloadable app controls the game. Recommended Ages 16+

Library Spotlight

This month we are turning the spotlight on Vicky Garcia, paralibrarian at Abraham Lincoln High School and Respect Academy. Vicky has worked for DPS for 16 years! Vicky has managed the Lincoln High library for the past 3 years. Previously she enjoyed being the paralibrarian at two elementary schools. Vicky has done a fantastic job of transitioning from elementary to high school and she is excited to be part of a dynamic high school experience where she finds inspiration every day as she sees high school students setting goals and achieving them.

The thing that Vicky loves most about her library is the warm, welcoming environment that it provides to students and staff. She is especially happy that new furniture was recently added as it has made the library more appealing and has contributed to an overall comfortable atmosphere - see photo below. For a fun challenge, Vicky has set out a 2000 piece puzzle for students to work on when they need a break from their usual routine. Nice brain break for high school students!

Vicky feels it’s important to give students a tour of the library at the beginning of every year so they can learn how to utilize the library more effectively and efficiently. In addition, she makes sure that her students are knowledgeable about all the online resources (eBooks & databases) that are available to them. To ensure that her collection includes books that students want, Vicky has a suggestion jar available for students and she takes their suggestions seriously when placing an order. (She also has provided a recommendation binder for both students and staff.)

Vicky feels that her love of reading has helped her connect with her students. She is very proud of the book club she has established – Lancers Book Tribe – which currently has 18 members. Their motto is “Oh, The Places You’ll Go!” They have lunch together every three weeks and during this time they engage in lively book discussions and plan upcoming events and celebrations. The books they have read this year are “Wonder” by R. J. Palacio, “Turtles All the Way Down” by John Green, and “Every Day” by David Levithan. The next book on the list is “Heartless” by Marissa Meyer. Vicky’s favorite is “Wonder” by R. J. Palacio because it is an inspiring story that that emphasizes the importance of treating everyone with respect. A positive impact of the book club that Vicky truly appreciates is that students are challenged to read books outside of their comfort zone – they are reading books that they may not necessarily have chosen on their own. What a great way to introduce students to variety of genres and influence their independent reading! A super fun activity that Vicky enjoyed with her book club members last year was attending the 2017 Colorado Teen Book Con in November. The students were excited to meet their favorite authors and each was able to have a book signed. The Lancers Book Tribe is busy planning their next author visit in April at Metropolitan State University where they will have the opportunity to meet Diane Guerrero, author of “In the Country We Love: My Family Divided”. The book club is also planning a visit to a DPS elementary school this spring to read to students. See photo below of Vicky with and book club members. Way to go Lancers Book Tribe!

Vicky enjoys creating fun, eye-catching displays to motivate reading – see emoji display below. She feels that libraries are an important part of a school community because they provide a safe space for reading, studying and research as well as providing free resources for the community. Vicky wants to give a shout out of thanks and gratitude to her principal, Dr. Larry Irvin, for being so supportive of the library as well as the book club.

In addition to providing valuable resources for students and staff, Vicky feels it is also important to provide a positive and welcoming learning environment. Her words of wisdom to her colleagues are, “Enjoy every day! The service you are providing is invaluable!”

We celebrate Vicky Garcia FOR PUTTING KIDS FIRST in the ALHS Library!

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Curriculum Collections in Overdrive

You may have noticed that a curriculum button appeared on the OverDrive home page recently. We now have the ability to curate collections in collaboration with our Curriculum & Instruction Department. All titles currently available in OverDrive that are part of the Language Arts/Literacy curriculum are curated in these lists. Please contact us with any questions.
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One Book 4 Colorado

It's that time of year...for the One Book 4 Colorado announcement. This year's winner is Groovy Joe: Dance Party Countdown by Eric Litwin. All 4-year-olds in Colorado are eligible to receive a copy of the book. Spread the word to your ECE and parent community. Pick up locations and videos of the three book finalists in English and Spanish are at this website:
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