Introducing Shoemaker Science Lab...

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Welcome to Shoemaker Science STEM LAB!

Each month we will feature different science activities in our NEW SHOE SCIENCE LAB that you and your study buddies are welcome to try out or use, in addition to any other science activities you and your grade level would like to do.

This newsletter will contain resources, activities and experiments for you to use. Materials have been gathered and placed in the lab...please feel free to add materials that you may have or need.

Also, The Science Curriculum was slated to be revised this year, but may once again be put on the back burner due to demands of math and modules. However, the committee was planning on focusing on the Next Generation Science Standards. Therefore, the Next Generation Standards have been posted in the LAB as a point of reference. It is nice to see how the standards unravel over each grade level.
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Lettuce Be Kind...

To kick off the Science Center and our KIndness Garden... students took home a mini-sald( lettuce and tomato.. encouraging students ...

Lettuce be Kind.

Lettuce be Respectful.

Lettuce be Grateful.

Lettuce Plant Seeds of Kindness.


Students and staff will join together on Friday, October 16th at 2:30 to dedicate our Kindness Garden. We will plant a tree, flowers and plants. Two park benches will be added to our kindness garden for students to decorate. When someone is feeling lonely they can sit on the Buddy Bench which will let others know they are in need of a buddy. To help give students some ownership ...will be making seed medallion and selling them at conferences. All proceeds will benefit our kindness Garden and Science Lab. We will dedicate Garden to Jillian.


What Do Scientists Do?

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During the month of October...students can become acclamated to the science lab
by learning about SCIENTISTS and the TOOLS they use through observing, research and experiments.

What do scientists do?
How do scientists think?
What kinds of QUESTIONS do scientists ask?
What Tools do scientists use?

Scientific Method

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Student-Centered Approach to Science Investigations...

Student-centered approach to science investigations...

posing a problem; activating the students' prior knowledge and developing a list of questions; choosing or developing a class focus question; working together to come up with a plan for the investigation; recording the data with drawings, charts, graphs and of course, writing; making a claim supported by the evidence (i.e. I claim that yellow and green make blue because when I mixed the yellow and green paint, it made blue paint); drawing conclusions; and then reflecting and posing new questions.






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How can we combine the Science Lab with Genius Hour? Perhaps it's a way to kick off your Genius Hour... with your buddy, just your class or your grade level??? Look at these ideas for motivation!
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