Hiring Innkeepers

By Ava, Ollie and Raha

What do Innkeepers do?

Innkeepers cook, take care of peoples horses, and have to wake up early. Innkeepers also get food for the horses. After they get food for the horses they feed the horses. Innkeepers get vegetables and meat for the guests. The Innkeepers put bricks under the guests beds. They put bricks under their beds so ,the bed is nice and warm. Innkeepers take care of the guests,horses, and the Tavern. That's what Innkeepers do.

Why are Innkeepers important?

Innkeepers are important because travellers need a place to stay and the law says that every town has to have one. Innkeepers help people when they are tired of travelling, so innkeepers have to feed them and even set up their room if they are staying for the night. Innkeepers also have meetings about the town and about many other things. Many inns are the owner's house. The first inn (The Red Lion Inn) was actually Isaac Watkins' house. The stable boy takes care of the travellers' horses. The innkeeper comforts the people that stay at the inn.

What tools do Innkeepers need?

Do you think that you know what tools innkeepers need? Well, you're about to find out. They needed pots and pans to cook and people to work. They needed food for themselves and the guests. They needed a license and a big visable sign.

Interesting Facts

  • The Red Lion Inn was the first Inn
  • The Red Lion Inn had no heaters
  • red stands for England so they changed the name to The Blue Eagle Inn
  • The law said in every town you must have an Inn
  • Ezra, The stable boy of the Red Lion Inn fed and watered the oxen and horses
  • Years later, the Red Lion Inn is still in business
  • Innkeepers only go to sleep when the last traveler goes to sleep