Year 2 Newsletter

Friday 12 June 2015

What have we done this week?

We have:

  • Identified, classified and sorted invertebrates in different ways
  • Practised using a blank numberline for different operations
  • Made a fingerprint Minibeast picture following careful instructions, then written our own
  • Created poems and descriptive sentences about minibeasts

Next Week

We will:

  • Perfect our poems and write them up in best
  • Create close observational drawings of minibeasts
  • Explore odd and even numbers
  • Create our own Top Trumps Minibeast cards
  • Look at life cycles of a variety of invertebrates


Please remember to send in a water bottle every day.

The children are aiming for 1000 points a week on Mathletics - please encourage your child to use either RM Maths or Mathletics several times a week.