Two Kodu Games


Game One

  1. This game is a collecting game. For the first part you have to collect 27 heart, star and coins to unlock the factory so you can get through to the other bit of land. When you are on the other bit of land you have to collect 158 coins to get to the prize and collect it which makes you win the game.

Game Two

2. This is Game Two. This game is two games in one. It is a collecting game at the start and then a racing game at the end. At first you need to collect 75 coins and hearts to unlock the racing bit. But this is a bigger world with more lands. So once you get to the racing bit you race a kodu. You will also collect coins on the way. In the end you need to have 150 coins and heart to get to the prize


Thursday, April 25th 2013 at 11pm

Monkseaton Drive, Whitley Bay, United Kingdom