New Deal

By Olivia LeBaron + Sam Hauck


~ Civilian Conservation Crops

~ 1933 First

~ This First New deal was a public project to help conserve the environment, and to help make better citizens.

~ Recovery

~ This was a success because many men had join and went to these camps and helped conserve and reforestation, and planted millions of trees.


~ Federal Emergency Relief Act

~ 1933, First

~ 3 purpose of this act were to be effective, provide work for people on the relief rolls. Last This act provide grants from the federal government to the state government, for many projects for agriculture, the arts construction, and education.

~ Recovery

~This was success because it gave men job, so they could work.

Civilian Works Administration

~ 1933, First

~The purpose of this act is to help the lives of the employees to help make the job and their life easier during the depression.


~ It was a success because it help make sure another depression from happening, and also it lower rate of unemployment and helped create jobs

Works Progress Administration

~ 1939, Second

~ Relief

~ This effect many people lives and gave job to a bunch of job to mainly men.

~ This was a huge success because it help employ the unemployment, and also was a large program.

Agricultural Adjustment Act

~ 1938, Second

~ Relief

~ This control the production of crop and in return they was buy the land from farmers.

~ This was a huge success because it control the supply of food that was being create so we wouldn't over production.

National Industrial Recovery Act

~ 1933, First

~ Reform

~ This act was passed by the United state Congress ans it set up minimum wage, and maximum work hours.

~A success, because it help people to make sure they work just working all the time, and also because this is still around today.

Tennessee Valley Act

~ 1933, First

~ Reform

~ This act was to regulate natural resource, mainly electricity.

~ This was a Success because we still use this act today, also because it make sure are electricity and everything else we need has the amount we need.

Social Security Act

~ 1938, Second

~ To get people to retire

~ Reform

~ This is a positive new act because it help create new job for when people get to retire.

Wagner Act

~ 1935, second

~ Reform

~ The workers weren't allowed to practice or participate in the unfair labor work practice.

~ This was a success because it would keep worker out of being apart of unions in any illegal ways.

Glass Steagall Act

~ 1933, First

~ Reform

~ Congress saw the need for a reform of the banking system. This was to provide for a safer more effective use of the banks, and to regulate inter bank control. Also to prevent the diversion of funds into speculate operation, and for other purposes.

~ This was a total failure, because congress lost all control of banking, and this act was repeal, in 1999.

Public Works Act

~ 1933, First

~ Recovery

~ This Act help to save millions of dollars, that were used for construction work, that was used toward the public work.

~ This act was a success at one point in time when it worked really good, but then it started failing, and was removed in 1941.

Fair Labor Standards Act

~ 1938, Second

~ Reform

~ Requires employers to pay underage workers, who are under 18.

~ This was a Success, because it is still an act that is used today.


~ Federal Reserve Act

~ Relief

~ Maintained public stability and encouragement for those involved in the US Bank failure

~ This was a success because, it now insures banks to deposit $250,000 into someones account if there was to be a financial problem.

Securities and Exchange Commission

~ 1934, second

~ Reform

~ Would regulate and protected markets and investors.

~ This was a success because it still help out with investors with liability and is now Called the Exchanged Act.