Long Way Gone

Chapters 5-8

by Alric Fernandes

Internal Characterization

  1. Sadness and Sorrow- When Ishmael was on the path to somewhere after leaving the small safety of the hidden swamp house in Kamator he encountered sorrow,

"As soon as I left the hiding area and was on the path, I felt as if I was being wrapped in a blanket of sorrow."

Historical Connection

Do these chapters sound kind of familiar to you? Well historians say that history repeated it's self over and over again. For example Hitler, Napoleon, and Alexander the Great all wanted to conquer the entire world, but in different time periods therefore demonstrating that history repeats itself over and over. So is there a connection from the book to modern day society? Well in fact there is- ISIS has been training child soldiers and has used them as suicide bombers in the Middle East.


The environment in which this part of A Long Way Gone is in Mattru Jong, Kamator, and some parts of the forest. As you can see in the map below, the places in these chapters where Ishmael traveled are highlighted.
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1. Self vs Society

- He was constantly fighting against other people. Those people were trying to kill him and he wanted their food.

2. Self vs Technology

- His life depended on he type of gun he had since the better the gun the more chance he had of surviving.


Here are some vocabulary words in this chapter:

a. Muzzle- the open end of the barrel of a firearm.

"The rebel pulled the trigger, and like lightning, I saw the spark of fire that came from the muzzle."

b. Involuntarily- a reflex or action done without conscious control or will.

“I was so certain at this point that my voice involuntarily left me. . . “