Peer Review Team-Brazoria-Ft.Bend

Brazoria-Fort Bend RDSPD - October 22-24th, 2019

Brazoria-Fort Bend RDSPD Peer Review- October 22-24th

Welcome to the Peer Review Team for the Brazoria-Fort Bend RDSPD.

Your Peer Review Team members are:

Team Lead- Debbie Martin

(Plano RDSPD)

Team Member- Julie Johnston

(Capitol Area RDSPD-retired)

Team Member- Pat Trevino

(Supervisor, Uvalde RDSPD)

Schedule Conflicts and Cancellations

If you find that you cannot participate in your scheduled review please notify Angela Belding as soon as possible so that a replacement can be found. 817-454-4361

Please review this information in preparation for your Peer Review visit.

Know that you can contact Angela Belding at any time with questions and/or clarification.

General Peer Review Information

Brazoria-Fort Bend RDSPD

Schedule for the Brazoria-Fort Bend RDSPD Peer Review

October 21st-Travel Day

October 22nd- Day 1 Interviews and Observations

October 23rd- Day 2 Interviews and Observations

October 24th- Day 3 (Review of Report/Exit Meeting)

Brazoria-Fort Bend Peer Review Schedule

Click here to see the schedule for your team's interviews and observations during the Brazoria-Fort Bend Peer Review.

Purpose of Peer Review - Regional Day School Programs for the Deaf

The peer review process is intended to provide specific information to programs serving student who are deaf or hard of hearing in order to assist with continuous improvement efforts. The areas of focus are aligned with the National Agenda for Deaf Education and the Texas State Performance Plan.

Before the Review

Debbie Martin, team leader should contact you a few weeks before the Review to exchange cell phone numbers.(The team typically meets at the hotel on Monday evening for dinner.)


Below you will find attachments for Region 11 to reimburse you for hotel, mileage, and meals at the state rate. Receipts are required for hotel and meals.

If you plan to fly, contact Region 11 for procedures to prepay your flight.

Angela Belding has made your hotel reservation.

When you arrive at the hotel, you will put the room under your name and credit card.

If you need a letter requesting your participation to submit to your district for approval to travel, contact the Peer Review facilitator, Angela Belding.

Peer Review- Team Leader Responsibilities

Debbie Martin- Click here to see the responsibilities of the Peer Review Team Leader.

During the Review

During the Review

Interviews and observations are conducted on Days One and Two, with the exit meeting on the morning of Day Three.

Debbie Martin, team leader will have copies of the interview questions and observation sheets for you to use.

On the final day, the team will meet with the RDSPD and district staff to review the draft report. This meeting usually ends by 11 a.m. to allow for travel back home in the afternoon.

Brazoria-Fort Bend Peer Review Report Shared Google Doc

Click the above button to access the shared google doc report of the Brazoria-Fort Bend Peer Review Report.

Hilton Garden Inn, Sugar Land, Texas

Monday, Oct. 21st, 4pm

Hilton Garden Inn Houston/Sugar Land 722 Bonaventure Way, Sugar Land, TX 77479

Hotel for Brazoria-Fort Bend RDSPD Peer Review

Hotel Rooms have been reserved at the hotel below under the name Angela Belding and under your name.

When you check in please put the room under your credit card number.

Hilton Garden Inn Houston/Sugar Land

722 Bonaventure Way, Sugar Land, TX 77479


Check in Monday, October 21, 2019

Check-out Thursday, Thursday October 24, 2019

Please present your own personal credit card upon arrival.

Reservation Numbers

Debbie Martin

Confirmation #3154367408

Julie Johnston

Confirmation #3154367408

Pat Trevino

Confirmation #3148088889

Texas Hotel Tax Exemption Certificate

Click here to access a printable copy of your Texas Hotel Tax Exemption Certificate. You will need to bring a hard copy of this document with you when you check into your hotel.

Directions-Hilton Garden Inn to MR Wood Learning Center

Click here to get directions from your hotel to the MR Wood Learning Center for both October 22nd and again on October 24th.

Peer Review Documents

Phase 1 RDSPD Peer Review

In Phase 1, programs will engage in a reflective component by collecting requested documentation and completing surveys prior to the actual peer review.

Phase 2 RDSPD Peer Review - Interviews

Phase II includes classroom observations, staff interviews, and RDSPD Admin interviews. The goal in Phase II is to collect objective and observable data to add to the documentation gathered in Phase I.

Phase 2 Peer Review - Observation Forms

The forms necessary to document observations are found here.

Phase 3 RDSPD Peer Review Rubrics

Phase III-This report will promote continuous improvement by identifying strengths, providing discussion points and highlighting considerations in seven program areas

Return the W9, all travel documents, and receipts for reimbursement to Angie Murphy

Angie Murphy

Sensory Support Assistant

Education Service Center Region 11

1451 S. Cherry Lane

White Settlement, TX 76108

(817) 740-7567

Fax: (817) 740-7684

Forms are due no later than 30 days after your travel is completed.

Traveling by Enterprise Rent Car or Flight

Team member wishing to travel by Enterprise Rent-A-Car or travel by flight must print, fill out, and send this document to Angie Murphy at ESC 11 two weeks prior travel .

Checklist for Peer Review Team for Reimbursement

Use this checklist as you compile the documents for reimbursement. All reimbursement documentation needs to be turned in to Angie Murphy at Forms are due no later than 30 days after your travel is completed.

Reimbursement Form for Non-Employees of ESC 11

Each team member must print, fill out, and sign this document and return it to Angie Murphy at ESC 11.

Required W9 Form

Each team member must print, fill out, and sign this document and return it to Angie Murphy at ESC 11.