Refers to generally being a good person, being fond and considerate of other human beings and themselves, being fulfilled with goodness within.

Why do they believe in this principle?

The believers of this religion think their beliefs are true and correct upon their lifestyle. Just like their ancestors, who thought the same. They also believe Not to do to others as you would not wish done to yourself

Why do believers of this religion follow its teachings or the teachings of its prophets?

They think the creator (Confucius) is saying and telling them the right things to do. Everything he said for example five classics and golden rules they want to follow his believes

How does the actions of Confucianism justify its actions against nonbelievers?

Confucianism school for villages

The government in china has been thinking of providing help all 405 villages learn about philosophy of Confucianism to keep this "Confucianism fever" going on.

A portrait of Confucius

This a portrait of Confucius by the Hang

dinasty was made from Wu Daozi