Easter Island

Mysteries And Theories

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Facts about Easter Island

Easter Island is 4,300 miles West of South America and 2,300 miles East of Tahiti... Scientists have not figured out the mysteries of Rapi Nui but most people know it as Easter Island. Scientists disagree on the people and how they moved the moai.
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The Geography about Easter Island

Easter Islands animals are mostly likely sharks, rats and birds. The plants there are palm trees and theres forests and used up things. For the land there is middle of no where tropical and a few volcanic islands. Long ears probably eat meat some kind of fruit. People there drink water when it rain and actually fresh water

from a river.

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The Polynesian's Theory

The people there are called long ears and short ears and the Heyerdahl's. The people that were long ears were South Americans and theshort ears were Polynesians. History about Polynesians: the skeletons looked like Polynesians when scientists went to Easter Island. The Polynesians said when the Heyerdahl's came that the sweet potatoes were every where. Some think that the spearheads could have come from the Polynesians who sailed to the new world and back home again. The long ears had to hang heavy waits to there ears are longer so they could tell if there on there side

The Heyerdahl's Theory

Long ears come from~Chile.The Heyerdahl's think that the sweet potatoes came

from them. Heyerdahl's have built the raft or they came up with the raft. Heyerdahl's came from South America and traveled to Easter Island. Short ears were at war with long ears and they were not friends. But before they were at war they still did not get along. Short ears proved that a raft could cross the pacific but they needed more evidence to prove that islander's came from Peru.

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1 Fun fact about Moai's (statues)

Moai's are made from Long ears and Short ears.