Welcome to Lineville!

By: zachary.puissant


Oh, look it's the fourth graders!

Welcome to Lineville! i'm going to let you in soon but not yet. We have a lot to talk about!


Here are some things about locker/locks! The only way YOU can get in your lock is to remember YOUR code, also don't tell anyone else or they have to get the principal to unlock it for you. The locks can be VERY Sticky or stiff, and you can't open it! So you maybe you will get a new lock with a new combo. Also if you get it wrong turn it right 3 times.

The lockers are VERY tall but, they are small.

So you have 4 sets of hooks and a platform at the top, that you can put whatever you want to put in your locker.

Red/blue zone

There are red and blue lines in the hallway that are bright. These are to keep the volume level calm. If it is red your volume needs to be off/0. If it's blue you may talk quietly/1. Also in the lunch room you can speak at a 3/large.

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The lunch room is a room of talk. In the lunch room you get three things from the shelves above, and one main meal unless you pay $1.60 you can't get another main meal. Also you get to sit wherever you want. Al-a-carte is buyable food for a certain amount of pay $0.40/0.30.

For recess there is no play ground so you have to do everything on the pavement.


The lists of specials are gym, music, art, spanish, and technology. these are the funnest, specials ever. in music there are three sets, band, orchestra, choir. all these are great and all but gym is the best you get pedometers and you do paint ball dodge ball is awesome. In art you do more advanced stuff like foreground, background, and middle ground. In technology you sometimes get free time in that class it is a awesome class there are two 2 teachers for that class one in the afternoon and one in the morning. Specials are the best.
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day1 day2

There are day ones and day two's to separate classes. Day 1 is a day where you have gym or maybe music and another special you have two specials a day day 1 will be two certain classes and day 2 two other classes. And every body loves this system.

Oh, looks like we're out of time. Good bye see you next year!