by~ Kate Mcgill

Not just any disease

Hot fevers, watery eyes, coughs splitting you into two. Typhus is a horrible, deadly disease. There are so many symptoms and ways to know what it is. Do you know all about Typhus?Let's find out.

What is Typhus?

What is Typhus you ask? Typhus is a series of infectious diseases. Usually, Typhus is spread through bugs ( mites, ticks, lice.) When one of these bugs bites you, their bacteria spreads through your body and creates disaster. You go through probably the worst time of your life. After about 2-3 weeks, the Typhus should be extinguished. Once you have had Typhus, fortunately you can never have Typhus again.

What are the symptoms of Typhus?

When you get sick, usually you just cough, sneeze, run a fever, etc. With Typhus, it is so much more than that. When you first get the disease, you experience watery eyes and a unusually high body temperature. As it gets worse, you have coughs, sneezes, fevers, stomachaches, and worst of all, comas. Some people who come down with the sickness have 1-3 day comas... on the other hand, some people do not come out of their comas unfortunately.

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