The Light Bulb

Electricity will be so cheap only rich will burn candles.

The invention of the light bulb

A light bulb is a container made of glass. Inside of the glass are objects that give off light by an electric current. Incandescent light bulbs were the first light bulbs invented. Humphry Davy introduced the light bulb in 1802 but it was expensive and impractical. In the late 1870's Joseph Swan made a cotton based carbon filament which worked pretty good. Then Thomas Edison started experimenting and the one that worked he sucked the air out of the glass which made the carbon filaments last longer. Light bulbs have really evolved since 1870's. You will rarely find a house that someone is living anywhere in the world in that does not have a light bulb. As you can see in my background at night the world is full of light bulb's everywhere.

Video about light bulb

Start at 41 seconds and end at 2:04


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