Raven Refresh

January 7th Edition

Building Updates

Tim’s Takeaways

  • Please be sure you go over your assigned department presentations next week.
  • Continue to revisit expectations frequently, daily, hourly... as often as needed.
  • Remember that Bre is a resource as we continue our teacher clarity and visible learning journey... but also for classroom management feedback, technology integration, cooperative learning, etc.
  • Please be helpful and welcoming to our new staff.
  • No play practice tonight.
  • We made it through our first week!
  • A feedback for our PD session is posted in Google Classroom. Please let us know what you think and what you need!

Birds of a feather...

This week we celebrate Ms. Weaver! Ms. Weaver took her time to deep clean the fridge in the lounge. This is not in her job description so this was above and beyond! It took some time... there was a lot left in there. Sometimes we go out of our way in unique ways to help our colleagues and that is part of what makes us a team. Ms. Weaver, thank you for all you do!

flock together... to meet our goals!

Weekly Supervision Assignments

Morning Supervision - staff should be at their assigned location at 7:30am.

Commons: Lara & Link

Clay St. Entrance: McGreevy & Collingham

15th/Clay St Crosswalk: Mugo

Afternoon Supervision - staff should remain at their location until 3pm.

14th St. Exit: Hall & Henry

Clay St. Exit: Howser

7th/8th Hall Exit: McDonald

Lower South: Penrod

14th/Clay St Crosswalk: Larson

Upper South: Willcut

Monday - January 10th - Chiefs Wear

PLC: Ensure you have your first three standards completed in the spreadsheet with skills, concepts, learning intentions, learning progressions, and success criteria.

AB: Code Switching - Academic v. Social Language

3pm: AVID Site Team - Conference Room

3pm-5pm: Tutoring in Computer Lab. Please communicate with Ms. Ascora and Ms. Anderson what the students should complete if you are referring them to tutoring.

Tuesday - January 11th

PLC: Grading Calendar - Gradebook Entries - Conference Room

AB: RMS Support Network

3pm: Michael Wakolee-Boos IEP: Allen, Leffert, Henry

3pm: Jayden Sanders IEP & Reevl: Ascora, Willetts, Hinshaw, Burton

Wednesday - January 12th

PLC: GEI/Behavior/Attendance/504

AB: Review COVID Procedures Again

7:30am: Mental Health Team Meeting

3pm: Matthew Murray IEP: Ascora, Leffert, Smith

6pm: January PTO Meeting

Thursday - January 13th

PLC: Assessment & Intervention - Bre's Room

AB: Students should work on slides 17/18 (it will be different if they have added slides) self reflection & 3rd Quarter Goal setting on slide 21 (again, will be different potentially).

SPED Department Meeting - Zoom

7:45am: Student Council Meeting - Conference Room

3pm: Culture and Climate Cohort - Conference Room

3pm: Ava Miller IEP/Reeval: Dunbar, Burton, Strom, Bledsoe

Friday - January 14th

PLC: On your own. Suggested Activity - Lesson Planners due by 3:30pm.

AB: Teachers will go over service packet and show video with students. Once the presentation is over students will brainstorm ideas on their own.

Service Learning Sheets https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3Nn3Pxqk1c

3pm: Ricky Coley IEP: Ascora, Strom, Hinshaw

3pm: Baby Russell's Baby Shower - Library

Tardy Work Sessions will begin next week.

District Updates

Collective Efficacy Trainings

If you are interested: upcoming series on Fostering Collective Efficacy in Schools! Currently, two cohorts of three sessions are available to join! The first cohort starts on February 10th, and the second one starts on March 17th.