Mom V.S. Daughter @ Ravenwood Manor

Beautiful Creatures

You are the only one who can choose your fate

Lena is part of a family of casters, which are really just witches. Like other casters, they get there powers around the age of ten. Unlike other casters there destiny is chosen for them. At the age of 16, they are chosen for dark or light, were as other casters get to choose. Why is Lena so important? Her mother, Saraphene is the most evil dark casters there is, and she is also a natural, just like her daughter. As someone close to her once said, "Darkness, real darkness, was something more than just the lack of light. And as much as everyone hated it, They all knew that one day Saraphene would come back for her daughter and her daughter would go dark just like she had. The only thing that kept her sain was Ethan. Other wise, she felt she would go mad from the pressure of staying light. "I never loved you more than I do, right this second. And I'll never love you less than I do, right this second." He told her this, and even though she knew there relationship was dangerous, and she tried to push him away, she couldn't. He knew he was in danger, but "It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere," and as the fool he was, he stood by her, even as her world began to crumble. This never ending love brought her the strength to stand her ground, when her mother confronted her at Ravenwood manor. "You belong to the darkness" she said, as she fought Lena, and her uncle. She wanted to stay good, to make her own choice, and though choosing her own fate was only possible to her, it came with a price. No matter what she chose, someone would end up dead. Possibly more than one someone. She could not kill her family, no matter what side they were on. Instead, she banished away her mother, and saved Ethan who was slowly bleeding to death, by Reading the Book of moons. Then knowing that because Ethan survived, her uncle did not, She made a choice. "Seventeen moons, seventeen years, Eyes where Dark or Light appears, Gold for yes and green for no, Seventeen the last to know." Gold eyes for dark, green eyes for light. When Lena turned around, there were two different colors looking brightly toward her family. She had chosen, and with little sacrifices. She had faced her mother, and won, but with one green eye, and one gold, there was a lot to face in the future.

A normal day in Gatlin, South Carolina...yeah, right.

Trying to save a caster is a full time job; but trying to save one, not die, and face off Saraphene at the same time? were gonna need a bigger army.

Beautiful Creatures is set in Gatlin, South Carolina. The novel is written in Ethan Wate’s perspective, a native who lives with his writer father and housekeeper Amma who is more like Ethan’s grandmother. The story begins with Ethan waking up from a nightmare about a girl he has never met, a reoccurring nightmare that he has been having for a few weeks. That morning he finds an eerily familiar song called sixteen moons on his iPod that he never downloaded. He also notices the mud under his nails, the dirt on his bed, and the smell of rosemary and lemon. At school he finds a new girl at school, which is simply unheard of in a small town like Gatlin. She also happens to be the niece of the town’s shut-in, old man Ravenwood. To add on to this strange turn of events, Ethan hears the new girl, Lena Duchannes, playing the creepy song, “Sixteen Moons” in band. Ethan narrowly misses hitting Lena while he’s driving, and while he drives her to her house, he smells rosemary and lemons. At that moment, something clicks in his head; she’s the girl from his dreams, the ones he can never remember all of. She soon confides in him, her families’ dirty little secret, there Casters, people who can use magic, and on her sixteenth birthday, Lena will be claimed for dark or light. As they try to find out more about Lena’s strange cursed family, they began to realize that they are connected through years of Gatlin and caster history, and that a locket may have all the answers they need if they’re willing to go for it no matter what dangers lay ahead.

Author: Margaret Stohl, Co-author: Kami Garcia

Margaret: Got MA @ Stanford, and PhD at Yale, and Knox prize for English literature from Amherst College. She lives in Santa Maria with her husband and two beagles, and also enjoys traveling with her daughters who are fencists. (people who fence in tournaments)
Kami: Superstitious, and grew up writing poetry. Lived in D.C and moved to L.A where she lives with her dogs Oz and Spike, who were named after Buffy characters, and her husband and two children. She has a MA in education, and teaches, as well as been a professional artist.