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What happened in October

Kindergarten practiced taking home a library practice book and returning it. Now they are all checking out a book. Now they are going to the shelves to find their own books. We start out in just a small area of Everybody books and slowly work to more shelves and the Non-fiction section. Please take time to read with your little one. It's so important to hear stories out loud and see the words as well. Also help your child remember that Fridays are Library days and they need to return their book so they can borrow a new one!

1st, 2nd, and Lower Montessori did a small research project on bats or spiders. We created a circle chart and jotted what we already knew and then as a group viewed an online book to learn more and record our findings. We remembered to cite our source to give credit to where we found our new information. Finally we created a small paragraph about the topic and on writing paper that matched their topic. Lower Montessori created a class book.

3rd through 5th grades have been learning the library catalog. They have practiced finding books related to a topic, writing down the call number and title, then going to the shelves to find their book. This is a life long skill that we continue to work on. While doing this they also learn the layout of the books in the library and the difference between a Fiction, Everybody, or Non-fiction book and where they are located. It's wonderful to see when the light bulbs come on when they realize while looking for a particular book - say a horse book - and they discover that all the horse books are in the same place!!

Lunch Bunch Book Club for 4th and 5th grades

The Lunch Bunch Book Club is back for the new school year!!! Lunch Bunch Book Club, formerly known as Tower of Books Challenge Book Club, has begun.

Students who like reading and talking to friends about the books they’ve read meet Mondays during their grade’s lunch and recess time to eat and talk about books. The two grades lunch times overlap so it creates a bit of a challenge, but we have worked through that. 5th grade arrives first and they eat, visit about what they are reading and read. 20 minutes later 4th grade comes in. This will be the time that students will share book talks whole group. 4-5 students will sign up to do a book talk presentation every week. When 5th grade leaves the 4th graders have time to read their books. Additionally they may come in Friday mornings for Rise and Shine, Relax and Read before school at 8:00 which is open to all students.

They all have a goal to read 40 books by May. They have chosen a Challenge list that may be different genres or different authors with a few books that will be their free choice. Students will keep track of their books, take AR tests if available, give book talks and make recommendations on our library catalog. It’s all very exciting to see students sharing about books and excited to read!

Book Fair!

Dear Parents and Families:

Reading increases knowledge and vocabulary, lowers stress, and supports your child’s emotional growth. But perhaps the best benefit is the lasting bond you create with your child when you read with them. Visit the Book Fair with your child to discover new books together!

Book Fair dates/times: November 11th 3:45-6:00 November 12th-14th 3:15-6:30

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We look forward to seeing you and your family at our Book Fair!


Tracie Shepherd

Teacher Librarian

Smith Elementary School

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