dolphin trainer

By: Michaela Suess

what dose a dolphin trainer do?

As a dolphin trainer you have to train a dolphin and be a vet to the dolphin. By vet I mean you have check the dolphins blood pressure and take blood to check how healthy it is, stuff like that. you have to be the dolphins doctor, its dentist, its trainer, therapist, and most of all its friend. You don't just train your dolphin your sort a parent it.

why did I choose this career

I choose this career because ever since I was a little girl I have always loved dolphins. If you were to go to my house you would find bins full of books on dolphins. When If was five years old we got to go took Sea-world and watch a shamoo and dolphin show. That made my dream real and ever since then I wanted to be a dolphin trainer.

what experience do you need to become a dolphin trainer?

You will need public speaking skills, vet skills, know how to handle dolphins, love dolphins, get to know about dolphins ,be a dolphins friend, dedicated to your work, patience and understanding for them, experience, attitude and commitment.

what education do you need to become a dolphin trainer?

It depends on the place you want to apply to and each facility may be very different for the level of education required. Some may only require a high school diploma for entry level positions. Some facilities routinely hire candidates with a 2 year diploma or certificate from a specialized school. In any case, a strong knowledge of animal biology, behavior, water chemistry, nutrition, veterinary.

What branch of science dose a dolphin trainer fall under?

A dolphin trainer falls under the life branch because you are learning and tech another life in this case a dolphin. You re also studying the the behavior of a dolphin witch is a study of life.

What is something that you found interesting about being a dolphin trainer?

Something that I found out that interested me was if you get a baby dolphin you can teach it almost any trick


Katrina M