How They Save Lives

Robots might not seem so helpful, but really they can save some lives! They can save people from mines, go into volcanoes so scientists can study from a distance and, help doctors and nurses bring medicines. In this article you will learn how robots can save lives and most likely to be your hero.

Helping out in Volcanoes

Imagine the steaming hot volcano gush steaming in your face, hurtful right? Well if the robot, Dante 2, didn’t exist that would most likely happen to you! The Dante 2 can climb into volcanoes and do research for the scientist, just so they don’t melt their face off. But now since Dante 2 has a metal that doesn’t melt/explode while they go down the volcanoes, they have nothing to worry about. In the article, “Meet the Robots” it says, “In the past, scientists could not learn as much about volcanoes, but Dante 2 is changing that.” (Langley). This means that the Dante 2 is making all the scientists learn more than they have before.

Hospital Helping

In the hospitals there are many patients that need help. So the doctors and nurses will be running everywhere trying to get to everyone. So the creators of Mr.Gower decided that is able to help out in the hospitals, helping the people in need. They bring doctors and nurses the medicine they need. In the article, “Meet the Robots”, it says, “Mr.Gower is a robot that moves throughout a hospital, helping doctors and nurses bring medicine to patients.” This means that creators discovered a way to help out the nurses. Mr.Gower is very important, without him the doctors and nurses would be like ants scrambling everywhere.

What’s the Difference?

Although the Gemini Scout and Dante 2 have some similarities, they have a couple of differences. A similarity would be obvious is that they both are robots. The Gemini Scout does research and rescue work, they will tell you when it’s safe to go down into mines, and they save lives down there. Back in the text (Meet the Robots) it says, Gemini Scout is a remote controlled robot that does rescue-and-research” This says how the Gemini Scout is able to research and rescue down in the mines.

While on the other hand the Dante 2 climbs into volcanoes, and help scientists with researching down, now the scientist can learn from a distance. In the article “Meet the Robots” it says, “ Dante’s 2 job is to climb into volcanoes to gather information for scientists” This says that the Dante does go down into volcanoes to research for the scientist.


It’s obvious now that you know that robots can do the things that you can do. It might be a little odd but, there like a huge helping hand. They are basically heroes!! Maybe you should go out and try to invent a robot that could save lives, it takes lots of effort but i’m positive you can do it!