Cultural Geography, C - Andrea Harrigan

Globalization is...

Globalization is the formation of a network of international relationships as a result of the communication of cultural, technological, environmental, and economic ideas.

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This video provides globalization through what others think it is and how it has effected them in their lives.

Globalization: What Does It Really Mean?
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According to the population map, within the United States, the population density is greatest on the East Coast (specifically the North East) as well as on the West Coast (Specifically within and near the states of California). The population density is the lowest within the Midwest of the United States.

The population Density of the United States is greatest where there are the richest natural resources. The coastal areas are highly populated because there are oceans. The Midwest has a lower population because the land is dry and weak in natural resources. The population is greatest in places that can benefit people the most in the economy and in their lives (businesses, jobs, etc.).

Product: 1997 Ford Thunderbird LX

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The 1997 Ford Thunderbird was produced on the Lorian Production Line in Ohio, USA. 100% American in its body, and parts, the Thunderbird is an all American. Because of this, it was very expensive to make thus, production had to quickly stop, leaving only about 175,000 of them in the world.

The Thunderbird started as parts from various corners of the United States, brought together and manufactured into a car. Sold by Ford from a local car dealership, it ended up in Derry, N.H. and still today uses natural resources such as gas to drive on the man-made streets and highways.
The map below is a transportation map of how one of these specific cars ended up in Derry N.H.
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Globalization affects everyone in their everyday lives. Though, in my life, I try to stay practical when it comes to globalization and help it affect my family in good ways. For example, I prefer to shop for my clothing at places like GoodWill the best I can appose to the mall at large brand stores. Also, I like to encourage my family to buy seasonal fruits and vegetables and farmer's markets and support local businesses within our town.

Though still, i buy products imported and made from other countries such as my cell-phone, T.V, and computer.

Because this is a modern, globalization run and technology based society, it is hard to escape the downfalls of globalization but everyone has the choice to contribute to the bad things, or help change them.