BY: Estela Ramirez

Job descriptions and responsibilities & education/ training skills

Takes orders and serves food and beverages to other people who go to restuarants. Some of their responsibilities are:1. check on the costumers to make sure there are no problems or to make sure they have everything they need.2. collects payments from customer3. Write down/Takes orders the customers want4. Cleans tables/counters when the patrons leave.   - Reading comprehension- Speaking- Critical thinking- Active learning- Learning strategies- Active listening- Writing- Mathematics- Science- Monitoring

- 3 places education/ trianing is recieved

 - many employers prefer to hire high school graduates for waiter and waitress positions. Most workers pick up their skills on the job by observing and working with more experiences workers. Some extra requirements are voluntary certifications are available from the educational institute of the AHMA.

Average yearly salary/ 3 places where you can find employment for this carrer

- $ 5,870.00- Some places that i found jobs for being a waiter or a waitress. There are many places in the world but i chose these 3 listed below: * Winston-Salem MSA  * Burlington MSA  * Greensboro-High Point MSA